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Thread: Extremely rude customer service at Nadyas

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    Thumbs down Extremely rude customer service at Nadyas

    Called to ask the availability of a girl only to find she was booked for the day which is fine but its what happened later that pissed me off. Two things I don't like about Nadyas is like the majority of people 1) Nadya and her temper 2) the forced shower which was a great way for them to kill some of the time but #2 has been changed with an extra 10 mins in the hour.

    I always hope to get Caro on the phone cause the pitch or tone of my voice seems to make Nadya react in a stupid way as I have pointed out in the past even though I'm always polite and only ask when the girl is available. Anyways Caro answered( I think it sounded like him) and was pleased but even though I said hello how are you, I seemed like he was aggravated by his response even though it was polite. He informed me that they answer the phone from 7 am to which I replied whenever I've made an early reservation the appointment was not kept so I don't bother calling that early to which he replied then don't bother calling anymore and hung up on me while I was responding to him.

    So either business is so good that customer service doesn't matter anymore or Nadya is rubbing off on other bookers either way my money will be spent elsewhere.

    PS the beauty of Montreal is the abundance of choice
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    that's a good read... it's good to get various POV's on customer handling by the different agencies.

    i think i've called them x3 and each time it seemed like i was getting handed off to someone else. i figured that's their style.

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    Maybe try text messaging them in the future? I got a prompt reply and it seems easier than talking to someone annoying over the phone....

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    i've tried texting a few times but always get the same reply "please call" !!!! So much for texting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perverted View Post
    PS the beauty of Montreal is the abundance of choice
    Well said...I did notice when I called before and a female voice answered, however it was I do not know, but the person seemed gruff and impatient.

    No worries - I'll just call your competition, done and done. After all it's in the game to be stood up, have people show up late, disappointing service, etc. to get that one gem that erases all the negative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perverted View Post
    Called to ask the availability of a girl only to find she was booked for the day which is fine but its what happened later that pissed me off. Two things I don't like about Nadyas is like the majority of people 1) Nadya and her temper 2) the forced shower which was a great way for them to kill some of the time but #2 has been changed with an extra 10 mins in the hour.

    Be nice, or you will be banned. Well, the beat goes on I guess. Nadya is who she is and that's all.

    On the other hand. I did speak to Carroll (I think that's the name) and he was very helpful recently in getting me an appointment with the agency to see Bibiana. My experience at this time was very good, and contrary to very ignorant and idiotic comments there is no ban. It's just a matter of dealing with the right person who is concerned about doing good business, and improving on weaknesses, not making a bad cause against criticism of those very weaknesses. Carroll made my contact with the agency through him a very positive experience. I can't say why he was short with you, but maybe it had something to do with the burden of dealing with someone else's faults in the agency. That could wear on him. Or maybe he was in a bad mood.

    I'm not trying to go against Perverted, just offer my recent experience for balance. I'm sure Carroll like anyone has bad days or gets tense and short with people at times. But I have a positive view of him for now, and I would call again when the opportunity long as I don't get Ms. Temper on the phone.



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    You guys are all going to get some nasty pm's.

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    Hey Merlot no worries I know your not. In the past it was always Caroll that always cleaned up Nadyas messes for me but your right everyone has bad days, I guess I caught him on one of them.

    PS in terms of nasty pms bring it on...nobody likes the truth because it's the truth!

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    This thread was originally by a poster who wanted to relate an experience he had with Nadya's VIPs. We have no issue with that and also are OK with responses or related experiences. To start making degrading and insulting sexual comments in the direction of Nadya is off topic at minimum and really crossing the line. There must be a respect level in these threads and what I have seen posted is very disrespectful. Would you talk like this about your sister or daughter?

    Comments on topic are encouraged, but any other posts made disrespecting any member will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly. Let's behave like adults and refrain from childish and degrading comments.

    Thread cleaned.

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    Sorry but I beg to differ. My comment was deleted. She is an escort and does give blow jobs so nuts do rest on the chin, her reviews state that she is good at it. It would be the same as someone saying that they would like to have anal with another escort or giving someone a facial ( far worse than nuts on a chin ) and that is accepted. Maybe my wording was wrong and I should have put " rested my shaved testicles on her chin ".

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    Well Sol Tee Nutz,

    I politely asked on behalf of MERB, for members to keep things respectful and on topic. You decided it was important to express your feelings about "resting your shaved testicles on another member's chin". A pretty immature and childish reaction to my post I feel. That is your perogative. I will keep your post visible, since it was that important for you to express. I will also suspend you for 1 month. An attitude like the one you portrayed is not one we need on MERB.

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    Never used Nadya's agency(mainly because i don't do Incalls wich seem to be there speciality) but i will say that for me Booking is a big part of the thing. I deal in the public too at my job and it dosen't matter how much client you had, how much tired you are, you HAVE to keep being polite and "courtois" because its your job. Of course if some guy start to be impolite, yell or whatever, at some point anybody will pass his limit, but it must not reflect on the next client at all...

    Damn i wish i could be a booker, i know i would make a wonderfull job, im extremely polite, use to work in the public, knows on to hold an agenda, why nobody is hiring me? LOL

    Personally so far my experience with Bookers have usually been good. Mike of GG is very friendly, the person i speaked to at Xxxtase/Delight is more business and direct but always polite, Tony of Angel is also a very polite person. I used to call WOP back when it exist and Val was also very polite(i was so shy to speak about "services" to a lady on, especially back then as i was a novice)

    But since i got myself a cell and been using text messaging more, i try to stay to that the best i can, a text is ... well a text... you can't really know for sure the tone of the person, and even if its all direct and business, its all fine. I find it also way simplier... especially for the last confirmation of the room and such.
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