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Thread: What's going on? Satin Dreamz closing down and Peter missing in action???

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    What's going on? Satin Dreamz closing down and Peter missing in action???

    What`s happening here? I was just looking around the board and came across this...★★★

    The agency closing down and Peter M.I.A? I met him a few times and he seemed like a nice enough guy and I hope everything is OK with him. Anyone know what`s going on?
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    Yeah, i saw that. Who knows, maybe he got a visit from one of Jeff's henchmen.
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    Wouldn't be surprised that "is closed" (for the weekend) was meant, instead of "has closed".

    If the person who makes the updates for SD doesn't speak, or write, english all that often, that's an easy mistake to make.

    As I recall, Peter didn't have anyone that was supposed to be booking on, so why stay open?

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    Satin Dreamz was closed for Monday Oct 15 and Peter is probably on vacation. I think it was a really bad joke that went wrong by saying "the agency is closed and Peter is MIA". They are open for Tuesday Oct 16.

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    i received this via email today:


    Please clarify on TERB that we only closed for 4 days while Peter is on vacation★★

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