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Thread: I'm looking for escorts driver job

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    I'm looking for escorts driver job

    Hello all,

    to all escorts agencies, I'm looking for a driver job, precisely friday and saturday night. If any agencies interested by my service in the Montreal area, contact me with a private message.


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    If i were you i would just email the agencies, they will all get back to you right away

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    well there is a lot of agencies my friend!! which one you suggest me to email? which one are the best? Thx!

    p.s I'm a big guy, 6''3 230 pounds so Im not afraid to protect escorts when its time.

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    dcfan, i am 99.9% sure JJ was joking about agencies getting "back to you right away" via email..... best to call them

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    yeah ok anyways email or phone is a detail, what is important is what agency to call? Someone knows an agency who's hiring right now? A contact would be very appreciated, Im pretty new in the sector

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    No news yet. Nobody has a contact? Nobody can help me? Which agencies are hiring right now?

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    Why would you expect anyone to help you? You just got here, no one has any idea who you are or if you're trustworthy. Do you have any references? Experience? A police record? A badge?
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    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cosmonaut... But I grew up..
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    I have references and believe me I can be trusted. And I'm not a police and has no criminal record. By the way thats why interview exists before getting a job. I have a lot of experience as a delivery man.

    @man77777 and whats your point? I grew up also, I wanted to become firemen when I was young. Because I want to become driver I'm immature? Your really funny man.. btw I'm not sure you grew up since you wanted to be a cosmonaut when you were a kid..

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    Yeap that's quite immature to dream of being escortdriver just to be able to eye up some pretty girls.. And that's quite immature to ask about it here before calling them directly...

    IMO you need someone to refer you. They need to trust you @ 100% in this business... "Believe me I can be trusted" is a weak argument... You also need to be discreet for this job, and the way you ask this question on merb shows them you dont really have this quality...

    Good luck anyway..
    Find what you love, and let it kill you...

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    I don't want to do this job just to be able to see pretty girls, I don't care about the girls (I care them enough to protect them in case of problems). I don't need this job to date girls believe me. The reason I want to do this is to make some extra money in my week and also because I enjoy driving. During the week, I have my regular job on the night shift (11pm-7am), but friday and saturday night It's my week end, so I had an idea to apply for this job instead of doing nothing at my home. I tried my luck to make me save time, I knew it was probably not a success to try my luck on a forum, so tomorrow and next day I'll call random agencies and ask if they need me. But again, if someone can help me save my time its not too late and would be very appreciated! Its not because I post here that I'm not discreet.. you think if I do this I will tell the cops what I'm doing and then get a lot of problems? Why would I want to do a job to get problems? Come on man, I've done a lot worse than this job, without giving details, and never had problems whatsoever because I know to shout my mouth when it's time. You judge really fast man77777 and suggest to be careful before making fast judgments like this. And thats why I asked to reply me in pm message and not in this thread, to be discreete.

    And as I said previously, Im pretty new to this business and have no contact in the business.So I cant get any references from the business, but can get a lot outside the business...

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    ok got it
    BTW there is already at least two threads about being a "driver"...

    hope u may find some informations there!

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    Yeap call them, who knows ? But if you dont care about the girls, just want to win money by driving and have no contact in escorting, maybe should you try to be driver in another industry.. Moreover its a pretty risky activity for a lot of reasons and you need a special permit...
    Find what you love, and let it kill you...

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    @pat98 I read these 2 threads but these are old threads and It dont answers my question: which agencies should I call to get the job?Which agencies need a driver? By the way, as I told previously, Ive done a lot worse and more risky than this job, and could have done a lot of jail but I never get caught, so I'm not afraid of the law side, believe me its a walk in the park for me.

    @man77777 stop putting words in my mouth and understand like you want, I care about the girls but I dont want this job to get some new friends. I dont care in the sens that I will do my job seriously and professionally, and will not be there to socialize. I have to explain everything, learn to read between lines...And as I said I know the law and for me it's a walk in the park believe me...

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    I take the time to answer you and give you advices, there is not a lot of guy to do so, even if they think exactly what I wrote.

    Here are my advice :

    1/ Be more discreet than what you are here if you want this job, do you really need to say you should have done a lot of jail in a public forum ????
    2/ Call them directly
    3/ If you dont care about the girl (which doesnt mean you are gay of course, come on...), then be driver for another industry, cause it's risky, and risk is only a good solution when you can win a lot of money, not just to win a few (my experience)

    Find what you love, and let it kill you...

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