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Thread: Which Merb-centered agencies do you trust/not trust?

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    Which Merb-centered agencies do you trust/not trust?

    By "Merb-centered," I mean agencies whose girls are often reviewed here.

    Reading over recent posts, it seems like some well-established agencies have been disappointing their customers lately. Here's the list as I see it:

    Devilish/Mtl Girls on Fire
    -- complaints about girls being delivered late and/or in no condition to work

    Nadya's VIPS -- complaints about the phone people being rude and/or unavailable

    Montreal Angels
    -- the owner threatened his clientele via a message right here at Merb

    I'll add another agency just from my personal experience: Montreal Sex City. That's because the one time I used it, the girl I hired told me she felt abused and exploited by the people in charge. She was a very nice girl, so I took her remarks to heart. This was almost four years ago, so if there's been a change of ownership I'd certainly reconsider.

    So that's 5 agencies that I would hesitate about calling. Here are the Merb-centered agencies that still seem reliable:



    Good Girls

    Delight Escorts

    Angels Escorts



    Does anybody have any agencies to add to or remove from either list?

    Update: A couple of people have mentioned problems with Eleganza. The last time I used Eleganza the girl I saw was Daryn, so they're ok by me. But at one point the phone guy did feed me quite an elaborate line that appears to be untrue.

    This was in 2009 and the girl involved is no longer working. Basically, after I saw her I got chlamydia. My only STD in many years as an occasional hobbyist. I called up the agency to warn them. The fellow swore up and down that it was impossible, that the agency had its girls regularly tested and wouldn't let them work unless they were clean.

    But chlamydia takes a set amount of time to incubate. During that time -- and for a few months before it -- I had had no sex except for the encounter with the girl in question. I got the chlamydia from her, meaning the agency's foolproof system had slipped up or else that there was no system.

    Enough to keep me from using Eleganza again? Nope. But a useful data point to keep in mind if an Eleganza phone man ever tells you something you find doubtful.

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    I would trust Satin Dreams & Montreal Sex City. They used to work together but have since parted ways.

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    I would also add Chocolate Love Divas to the trust list. They are extremely reliable, girls usually deliver GFE, and the booker is very easy to deal with.
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    Angel Escorts, Asservissante, Devilish, Delight Escorts, Girls on Fire, Good Girls, Montreal Sex City, Montreal Xxxtase, MTLGFE, Satin Dreams.

    Some lateness can be expected, but I have never seen a habit of it or excessive lateness with these agencies. All have been excellent to fairly reliable for me.

    Don't Trust:

    Eleganza (lies, bad attitude), Montreal Angels (threats posted), Nadya's VIPs (harassment by owner).

    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot View Post
    Don't Trust:

    Don't trust Eleganza? Wow! First time I've heard anything like that (most ppl tend to rave about Eleganza).

    Any reason(s) in particular, Merlot?

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    I trust Asservissante, Devilish, GOF.

    I usually stick with what works for me.
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    ill add to the asian part, MAE (And the 2 others that have different spelling) are all extremely unreliable, fake pics and bad ages. tony's usually has decent good looking girls consistently, they just leave every 2 weeks.

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    Hi Red Paul I think you had a very good idea when you strated this thread, it's very useful, I woul suggest it becomes a sticky thread ( that's for mods ).

    From my ( few ) recent meetings and from what I read, I wouldn't hesitate and plan to call back Delight ( xxxtase ), GoodGirls and MTLGFE. There is one I will sure not call back: GOF/Devilish
    From what I read, if I had to take a bet, I would probably go with Montreal Sex City, Satin Dreams, Asservissante. Eleganza and Angel Escorts appear to me interesting too but for me it would be more expensive ( rate plus transportation )
    If I may add an Indy, Maria Divina interests me too, avctually probably more than a bet with another agency.

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    This includes Montreal and Toronto

    MGF/Frenchgfe, FKS, MSC, SD, Cupids and various Indies like Veronica Sway.

    Eleganza. Put them in quotes because even though they delivered, I found the customer service needs some improvement in terms of being truthful. Plus if the girl you want to see has a better deal, John will cancel on you and give some bullshit medical excuse. That is why side deals with the girls directly seem to be a high norm with this agency.

    And the plus side of these side deals? The girl actually shows up on time! LOL.

    Don't Trust:
    Aleeva and Friends. This agency has been around for a very long time and you not even see one review or any mention of their girls in here or any other board.

    Any SPs and agency trying to censure and/or declare a NRP because their service and personality sucks.

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    I trust Asservissante, Xxxtase (with martin at the wheel), Eleganza. John has his bad moments but his girls always perform.

    I do not trust Escorts Express. I am deeply concerened with the recent postings regarding Devilish/GOF. I would like to hear their side of the story and what the corrective action is.

    I wanted try Montreal GFE (chloe's) and Good Girls and maybe MSC

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    ESCOURT- EXPRESS is a scam. I have had good experieces with Satanic and Queen of Spades.

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    lou's (used once)

    I can't say enough good things about mike/goodgirls. Dozens and dozens of good experiences. I've had maybe 2 bad experiences there total, which is really low considering it's my go-to agency. And afterwards I called mike and he was very receptive to the feedback.

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    Trust and used a lot :

    Good Girls

    Positive but used only once or twice :

    Louescorts4u (definately looking to do business with again, top notch service)

    I don't have negatives for the moments, as in my last 2 years i used mostly the ones mentioned above and had good times, i will say i had 2 cancellations from 2 different agencies, but im sure its a matter of circumstance and i would use them again if i can.

    I think merb is pretty reliable for agencies..

    I remember GOF/delivish being actually late on bookings back then, i hope they fixed the shot now, but PERSONALLY i haven't call them in a long time because back then i was reading reviews a lot to see wich services where offered. Reviews where more or less the only way to know wich girls offered what and they where the most popular agencies back then... until a few agencies started doing the listing themselves and i stuck mostly with them. Now these days most agencies actually list wich service they do or don't and i like it this way... I don't know the impact on the general public and clients... but me i think its important if services are listed...

    Even Xxxtase i used a lot, they have been around a long time and used to not list services, but they list them now for some girls and those are the girls i used with them... all exept one wich i took a guess but it was my 4th meeting in 2 days... i was more opened that day(and i had a great surprise... wonder if i was lucky or what since its still not listed) :P

    Of course not everyone look for what i look, but i would be curious to know if the business is as good for some agencies as back then... as i think a lot of things can make a difference. This is personal opinin but i feel that in this day of age not listing a girl services is the dinosaur era... At the very least you can always say "YMMV" and this way avoid being blame if the service is not provided...

    There is a couple girls i was very glad to book but would had never done it if services where not listed... and a lot of girl i may actually miss because i think they don't provide it but they actually do...

    Anyway, this is me.
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    I would trust Satin Dreams & Montreal Sex City. They used to work together but have since parted ways.
    I've dealt with MSC and I can only vouch for it. Reliable, good to deal with, Jessy is a great booker/owner. I've dealt only once with SD and the booker was great, everything was smooth and from what I've read there's no problems with this agency.

    Lou4u was great to deal with the one time I did.

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    Do not trust:

    Angels escorts (based on personal experience and on recent reviews).
    Nadia's VIP, unreliable and bad attitude (based on numerous reviews).

    Chocolate divas, very reliable.

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