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Thread: Shill agencies on annonce123

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    Shill agencies on annonce123

    Hi there, I have been noticing that agencies and independents on annonce are a very high percentage of shill and BS. What I really wonder is that by doing this sort of bs do they think that they are going to be in business for long?

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    Well, some of them are there since a long time... Like this well known B&S in the area of St-Marc/Maisoneuve/Guy... THe famous 1985 De Maisonneuve for ex...
    And about the Foucher Appart Building... Sometime you may be lucky and meet a gem but very very rare. Always FALSE pics (even if they say 100% real) and never FULL GFE... Many extras once you have paid...

    It appears that there are a lot of fish in the sea... Many johns are not aware I guess...

    Often, the B&S girls change their name / phone number / Pics to try to fool us...

    I would say that 95% of Ann123 ads are B&S somehow...

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