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Thread: Taking a nap

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    Taking a nap

    Often when at an incall or MP, when all the fun and games are over, I would love to take a 30min nap.

    Obviously I would pay the standard cover charge for the time used. But I would just like to be left alone for a bit, and maybe the girl could come wake me up when time is up.

    Do you think this is possible? Any one ever done that?


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    Thats a fantastic idea !!!

    Let me know if you find a place that allows that. I've never really asked but its crossed my mind especially if i go late at night.

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    Naps rock!!!

    Here's a suggestion that worked for me a couple of times. Book a 1 hour appointment about 1.5 hours before closing time and given they probably won't use the room after your appointment they may be okay with leaving you there for another half hour... at no charge.

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    Don't you guys have beds at home lol?

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    hilarious, and I'm sure anyone would let you just lie there and sleep, on the clock!

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    Not to mention while your sleeping there stealing wallet watch keys phone etc lol

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    Lol...never thought of that...but I usually leave my valuables in my car.

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    You guys are hilarious!!! I assume that, like me, none of you is in their twenties anymore, nor thirties, nor fourties!!!!! Many afternoons around 4;30 I could use a nap......even without the massage! Here's a whole new revenue source for these parlours....renting out rooms for naps to altakakers. Too funny.

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    I think I saw this on Dragons Den, a lady wanted to set up nap centers in large office buildings and charge for a quicky. She can offer massage and happy endings as options and clean up. I mean clean up after the happy ending.

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    This is a joke .... Right ?

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    >>> Not bad, quoting a 1-liner to reply by a less-than-one-liner... Useless quote deleted. Next time, entire message will vanish. Mod 11.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I love naps loll, sometime when I meet my favorites ,especially at lunch hour and I don't have time to go back home before going to my real life work ,I will ask to keep the room to take a nap, 30 minutes are the best length for naps, I'll admit I never consider taking the nap with my friend thought... well ,except with my favorite of favorites but it is because he is the only one I see for 5-6 hours...favorites do get special treatment loll

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    If you need a nap after the deed, you need to see a doctor.

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    Lol... Well I'm glad I provided some amusement! And no I do not need to see a doctor! It's just that after a nice relaxing massage and then a little fun, I just feel so calm and relaxed that I could easily doze off for a little nap! Especially after or during a tough day...


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    Lily from Montreal
    No doctor needed, a nap after sex is the best nap...even solo sex makes a better nap, trust me loll

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