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Thread: Hi I m visiting montreal for the first time,any recommendations.

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    Hi I m visiting montreal for the first time,any recommendations.

    I have heard many good things about montreal women, any good recommendations? I m more interested in girls under 21, thanks a lot.

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    Cristina ex Delight Escorts. Now she works as an independent. (GFE type)
    Molly from mtlgfe (PSE type)

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    My best recommendation would be to read all the escorts, restaurants and hotels related posts (from at least the last 6 months). You are the only one who knows what you are really looking for.
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    Rather than suggest a girl, i suggest you take an outcall from a reputable agency. Cause you don't know who will available that night.
    but no matter what girl you take, you have a pretty good chance of getting a good experience when you deal with a good agency.

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    Hi superman2005,

    Before choosing any girl from an agency, I strongly recommend that you read the post "Buyer’s Beware : Warning Of Potential Bait & Switch Providers".

    Just to be sure you don`t have a bad experience here in Montreal, be sure to choose a good agency or independent escort that have good reputation.

    I m more interested in girls under 21
    And just a friendly reminder that the legal age here in Quebec is 18

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