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Thread: best penis enlargement products

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    best penis enlargement products

    if anyone has personally experienced any penis enlargement products that been helpful, please let us know. thanks

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    From what I have heard none work ( safely ). You got what you got.

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    I can sell you an erection?

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    yohimbe extract read about it . I have used it in the past . got alot thicker plus its good the hart

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    I don't think pills really work.

    This looks interesting.... Not sure if it works.

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    i've heard that the pills can damage your liver because they are tested or approved by the FDA. and the pumps and extender can rip veins in your cock.
    anyways there's a whole thread on penis size issues somewhere here on merb. i remember seeing it. read through and see if you still want pills.

    "it's not the size that matters austin. it's how you use it"- Austin power movie can't remember which one

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    You could look up jelking. I have a buddie in the US that swears it gave him length, albeit not much (like 1inch), somehow also heightened his stimulation and prolonged his ejac. He was doing twice daily for 2 months when he noticed results.

    There's also extenders, like treebeard said. When looking further into it, there seems to be no major side effects aside from muscle tear IF overused or not used properly.

    At 7.25 inches, I'm satisfied with my size. My girth is normal, but I've always been curious to see if extenders work.


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    I also take lots of medicines,oils and various penis enlargement machines but I don't find any effect and all these products are only for our mental satisfaction nothing beyond than that but I heard about hand practices from my friends it really works to enlarge the penis size and its free and safe also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardPilcher View Post
    I heard about hand practices from my friends it really works to enlarge the penis size
    When I use my hand my dick grows also but it is short term

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    Forgive my intrusion in this thread, but I just have to ask, why do you guys think that you would want penis enlargement? I really am curious as to the motivation.

    I've seen a few penises in my time , and while they do vary a little in size and shape, the vast majority are perfect. I've never encountered a penis too small to give me pleasure, but I have been with one too big to be comfortable.

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    It's simply... a lot of men have been sucked in been sucked in by porn and a lot of other sources that scream "bigger is better", so there are so many things out there for male enhancement..I have a lot of female friends and most of them wouldn't mind a fling with a guy who is above average, but almost none want it on a regular basis. Most times it really is about how you use it.
    Before you try any enlargement/enhancement option, think about this- with so many men interested in it, do you really think any product that truly works would even need to advertize!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiannas View Post
    ... the vast majority are perfect. I've never encountered a penis too small to give me pleasure ...
    You have just put a proud smile on many gentlemen faces along with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside

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    La majorité des hommes ont un complexe par rapport à la taille de leur penis. Pourtant, nous apprécions toujours le beau petit cul des filles. Nous aimons quand c'est petit pour les filles mais le contraire pour nous. Mais il faut reconnoitre que quand le boulon est plus petit que l'écrou, ca ne marche pas. LOL. Mais personnelllement, je pense que les hommes doivent plus porter une importance aux préléminaires qu'à la taille du penis. Les filles me corrigeront mais une tres bonne caresse de la tete aux pieds saisferaient les filles à 40% dejà (avec la chimie bien sur) et ensuite le penis (grand ou petit) peut completer le reste du travail. Alors ceux qui ont des petits penis, mettez à contribution vos mains et votre langue et vous verrez le résultat. Je suis certain qu'il sera plus probant que les produits.

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    Ce n'est pas la grosseur qui compte, mais les fesses qui poussent

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    Hey guys, girls want bigger boobs and boys want bigger penis loll, no need to ask why it's just to be the man. Personnaly I have tried vimax, I stopped it before after 2 weeks because I had an allergy issue so I don't know if it really works cause they told me that result will appear after 1-2 months, I can say that during the 2 weeks I get huge erection and great libido but no real penis enlargement , If I didn't have the allergy sure I would continue to take the pills, I will try vigrx to see if I am not allergic.

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