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Thread: clients spoofing numbers..

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    clients spoofing numbers..

    Just wanted to let u guys know clients are spoofing there numbers pretending to be tourist but they are from montreal,lots of florida numbers then u speak english and they only speak in french and don't speak any english at all with florida area codes and toronto area codes as well,whats up with that?

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    Look behind you.
    What type of clients? You an escort? Sherlock strikes again

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    I know for a fact there is a large community of retired francophones whom reside in Florida. Mostly in Miami, Tampa Bay and Dunedin. Maybe they're back home for the summer with their Florida cell phones?

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    I know at least one person that has a software on his phone to spoof numbers...
    I don't know if these softwares are available to public or only to cell phone company technicians (leaks?)...
    But it does exist...

    However, I don't know why clients would use spoofed numbers because when the agency or sp call them back, it won't be the same person...

    It is always a good pratice I believe for SP or agency to call back for additional info or preferably SMS back... This will validate the number...
    SMS is for me the best way to confirm the room # for incall. SMS insure back and forth messaging and confirm both numbers are valid.

    Some agency/SP don't like to call clients back cause they don't want to create embarassing situation for the client... Well, these providers should know now that even if they don't answer any blocked call, for unblocked calls, some caller IDs are fake anyway (spoofed)...

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