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Are Canada's Prostitution Laws too Broad ?


Dec 13, 2006
Hello everyone, I would possibly like to know from lawyers if possible are Canada's prostitution laws are too broad, hence able to be challenged by the court system.
IMO, it seems that the judges are none too impressed with past or present laws. (I'll get to this later) .

-At present section 213 , does not define what a "sexual act" is.
-Also at present 213 , is so over broad with " stopping a car or attempting to stop a car" that i wonder is it able to be challenged in the courts?

Given Canada V Bedford, and R v. Anwar, you'd think this nonsense would have some reasonable outcome.


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May 23, 2004
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Here is a very good thread for you to read that addresses most of your questions. The courts seemed to have limited the decisions only to the province the court was in, despite c-36 being a national law.

The practical issue for most of us is whether it is worthwhile for people to keep fighting in courts and in legislatures, given the mostly hands-off approach of Canadian law enforcement. People on each side of this issue live in an echo chamber. Many who have 90 percent of what they want still want the other 10 percent, even though they might face a setback and go down to 70 percent of what they wanted, instead.

And it is interesting that you seemed to only want lawyers to respond to your thread. You do realize that if this issue goes to court in Quebec, that the government of Canada would have lawyers arguing very strongly that the laws are not too broad. And that the drafters of the legislation were in fact lawyers themselves. So did you only want a response from lawyers who would be arguing that the laws are unconstitutional? Pretty narrow category for a discussion board open to all.
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Apr 10, 2019
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In Montreal apart from a lot of buzz during grand prix week pretty much LE doesn’t bother either escorts or their clients as long as you don’t make it way too obvious what you are doing and cause some civilian to lodge a complaint.
Strip joints usually bear the brunt of it during Grand Prix week as these places get raided and make the news.
Everybody is happy, the mayor and police get some good publicity and the media get to publisize their usual feel good bs about trafficking, which there is very little of but they generally turn a blind eye to escorts and clients engaged in consensual pay for play.
Patron is right as long as it stays this way there really is not much reason to rock the boat on either side.


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Jan 11, 2005
LE harasses stripclubs. Seems these laws hurt stripclubs the most since they are not free to offer extras. LE leaves MPs and escorts alone. During Grand Prix I remember two years ago how police raided all stripclubs rounded all girls to get their ID and look for tattoos of a pimp among other things. They scared the business away while MPs were left alone free to operate as usual. I would like to rock the boat because I like to see extras stripclubs open everywhere and FKK clubs. Way more fun then a MPs or an escort.
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Apr 29, 2012
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^^^ Agree, I do like strip clubs for the atmosphere but visit off island where more is available. As for the prostitution laws, they need to be abolished, have it monitored for escort and john safety but that should be it.
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