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BC CDC suggest glory holes


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Dec 26, 2019

Thanks for starting this thread.

As I started to meet again, I can say that if we make positions or our faces are far away we greatly reduce the risk of contamination of an asymptomatic escort.

So I do the doggy and the reverse cowgirl. And never kisses.

The Glory Hole being the most secular, but it's not my cup of tea.


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Oct 29, 2007
Do these things actually exist? Wouldn’t you worry about who’s on the other side? Are they going to give you a BBBJ or cut your dick off? Are they a bunch of people shooting up while they’re sucking and jacking guys off? Forgive me as I have no idea. I understand the concept but they are like the Lochness Monster or BigFoot. I’ve never read a review on one or talked with anyone who’s been to one.


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Apr 10, 2019
Around the corner
To be honest I find this thread a total joke.
If you are going to have sex with an SP wearing a mask doing reverse CG etc... is all BS.
If she or you have covid both of you will. You are right next to her for an hour that is not exactly social distancing.
Now seeing an SP who gets tested regularly every week or second week and doesn’t have any symptoms I would say reduces your risk somewhat but not entirely.
Bottom line if you see an SP and she is contagious it is almost a certainty you will be also.
Glory hole, yeah that may be a safer option, with that though you will never be sure it isn’t Caitlin on the other side, so no thanks.

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Aug 8, 2004
A plexiglass glory hole might do the job. Then you know what is going on on the other side.
Yes, I remember seeing Plexiglass with Holes...



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Oct 22, 2018
If having sex and being next to each other for hours on end breathing the same air without masks and doing doggy and reverse cowgirl does NOT transmit COVID, then can we open businesses and have our lives back? No? You can't have it both ways...
Glory hole sounds like a way to make you think you are getting your dick sucked by some hot chick when it fact its a gay guy on the other end.

The news and people around me sound more and more like articles from the onion. Unbelievable times we live in. Like that Chinese saying ''may you live in interesting times''
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