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December 17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers


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Dec 13, 2003
Invitation to attend a vigil in memory of murdered sex workers

Stella and the sex workers project at Séro-Zéro, Montreal community organizations providing support and information to sex workers, along with the Coalition for the Rights of Sex Workers and the International Union of Sex Workers, would like to make Paul Martin aware of the intolerable situation for sex workers due to the current laws on prostitution upon his arrival as Prime Minister of Canada.

The current law on prostitution and the manner in which it is applied put sex workers' lives in danger by legitimizing and perpetuating abuse and violence against women. While the Canadian government is spending massive amounts of money and resources to eliminate prostitution, the criminalization that occurs as a result of these laws and application, prevents sex workers from accessing social protection. This criminalization, among other things, explains why sex workers are too often exploited, beaten, raped and killed. In Canada, an enormous number of sex workers have been murdered, and we believe that it is time for this kind of violence to stop.

We will be sending a letter to our Prime Minister appealing for the decriminalization of activities related to sex work, as well as the
application of real and concrete means of fighting against iolence, in all contexts where sex work is practised, without discrimination. The decriminalization of sex work will allow sex workers equal access to health services, social services, labour rights and protection under the law.

You're invited to attend a vigil in memory of murdered sex workers, in solidarity with the Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP-USA), for the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This vigil will take place in front of the Palais de Justice at 1 Notre-Dame East in Montreal, on December 17, 2003, at 5:00 p.m.

Vigil in memory of murdered sex workers
December 17, 2003, 5:00 p.m.
In front of the Palais de Justice, at 1 Notre Dame East
(Place d'Armes metro)

Dress in white (you can simply bring a white sheet to cover yourself).
Bring candles and red flowers.
Information: Contact Marie-Neige at (514) 285-8889
Come and support the fight to end violence against sex workers!

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