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Goddesses Wanted


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May 16, 2004
Some of you may already be familiar with the name Pandora – in Greek mythology she was the first woman on earth. The word Pandora means “all-gifted”, and indeed she was – with beauty from Aphrodite, music from Apollo, and from Hermes, the powers of persuasion. And, of course, she is most famous for giving in to her curiousity and opening that forbidden box.

We here at Pandora’s Box are looking for our very own Goddesses, our very own Pandoras, to help our esteemed clients give in to their own forbidden curiousities, wants, and desires.

Pandora’s Box offers profit-sharing and some of the best benefits of any agency in Montréal. We carefully screen our clients and we, the management, are downright worshipful of you, our Goddesses.

If you see in yourself the gifts of the Gods and would deign to come down from Mount Olympus to talk to us, Pandora’s Box would love to have you.

Send a PM to fiercekitten or pandora’s box, email [email protected], or simply send a heavenly vision to Dan or Lilly – we’ll be waiting.
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