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Possum Trot

Apr 19, 2008
1. Associated Press -

Two women accused of prostitution were executed by the Taliban in central Chazni province in Afghanistan.
The public execution, witnessed by a journalist, reflects the Taliban's resurgent presence in Aghanistan and therir ability to dispense an extreme version of Islamic justice.

2. Johnson Aziga is the first person in Canada to face first degree murder charges for not disclosing his HIV status to sexual partners has been awaiting trial for 5 years - mainly because he keeps firing his lawyers.

The Ugandan native was diagnosed with HIV in 1996. Between 2000 and 2003 he had unprotected sex with 13 women and did not disclose his HIV status to them. Seven of the thirteen became HIV positive. Two out of the seven died.

He is being held in custody pending trial. His motion for release claiming"cruel and unusual punishment" while in jail was denied.

3. Gruesome PETA Ad rejected

An animal rights group attempte to purchase an ad in a Winnipeg newspaper which compares the beheading of Tim McLean with the slaughter of animals.
"We're really challenging everyone who was shocked by this crime to go to our website and see for themselves that animals go through exactly what he did" PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said.
The publisher refused to run the ad.