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ISO Greek Godess?


loose cash

Fellow Hobbyists.... Help a californian out, we have so much turmoil at home that we are now sourcing our babes from you guys. Having said that, I am on a mission to hook up with the very best greek godess (no ts) in montreal on the 24th and/or 25th of September in the downtown area.

I have read thru the postings here and the spread sheet, though I am interested in what suggestions can follow my posting.

That being said, can anyone strongly suggest a provider who:

18-30 age
thin with A or B cup
loves greek or greek toy shows
can do a nice
nice smile...

team... thanks in advance for the help.... I will post a review of the outcum with the lucky lady.

- Loose Cash


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New Member
Jul 22, 2003

I have the perfect girl for you she chharges $250 an hour but greek is one of her fav and she does . If you want to know more pm and maybe I can hook you up with her.
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