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The state of the Pornography business


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Feb 9, 2004
NY State
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The following below is from a post on another board. I edited out any editorial contents. In NY and NJ there are Adult video rental businesses and I am sure there are some in Canada. I personally think if the California government regulates porn in the state, that the cost will skyrocket and porn will only come from overseas, mostly Europe. California draws a lot of young girls into the business. European porn is boring. American porn can get somewhat entertaining. Let's face it, if you want plot you don't rent a porno film. I think a lot of these adult video stores will fold. The pornography business has become irresponsible with the practice of cream pies, anal and vaginal. It takes one person to slip up or cheat a test to infect many. You can't blame the CA legislature for acting on the issue. Some of the diseases on the list are curable and some are obviously not.

SACRAMENTO, CA - A big change in adult testing procedures could come as soon as this Tuesday as a new assembly bill that could require production companies to pay for tests every two weeks goes to committee.
Introduced by Assembly Member Leslie in February of this year and amended on April 28, 2004, Bill #AB 2798 would make production companies liable for any sexually transmitted diseases passed between talent while working on their porn sets.

According to adult performer and attorney, Don Hollywood, "they want to test talent every two weeks and talent must have 60 days worth of clean tests on file with the production company they are working with. If a company doesn't have 60 days verified tests and anyone they work with contracts any form of STD, the production company they worked for will become civilly liable."

The bill also holds the performer liable should they falsify their tests in an effort to continue working.

If an STD is contracted, the performer may not work until the production company has received written notification from a MEDICAL doctor claiming that said performer is now CLEAN from this STD, not just "on the meds"--a common expression used to clear talent for work in the current system.

Should this bill pass, a severe blow to a lot of adult talent will occur in regards to the restricted STDs the government lists as CANNOT WORK DISEASES. Those STDs include:

(1) Chancroid. (2) Chlamydia. (3) Gonorrhea. (4) Hepatitis A virus. (5) Hepatitis B virus. (6) Hepatitis C virus. (7) Herpes simplex virus (HSV), also known as genital herpes. (8) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). (9) Human papilloma virus (HPV), also known as genital warts. (10) Syphilis.

The potential implications of passage of this bill are profound. Over half the industry has Herpes. additionally it give prospective performers a 60 day "cooling off" period before they would be allowed to shoot their first scene.


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May 2, 2003
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Since this is a California state bill, I would expect to see the adult indistry pack it's bags for Vegas wholesale.
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