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visiting montreal


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Jan 3, 2004
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hey! we're a 21 yr old couple on our first visit to montreal...
among our destinations for naughty fun are the following:
1) l'orage: we want to fuck in front of other people, and jasmine would like to touch other girls and guys, possibly leading to more. We have never yet donea a threesome, and think this is a great way to start
2) cinema l'amour: we've had sex at 2am in a shady toronto xxx theatre, now we'd like to fuck here... what's this place like? would they kick us out for doing stuff in the main theatre? jasmine wants to watch guys jerk off and have them come back and touch her.
3)peep shows/strip clubs - jasmine wants to suck me off while we are getting a lapdance, with the stripper's permission of course.

what do u guys think of these destinations? have any of u been to either l'orage or the cinema?

also, for you guys who read the entire post - if u are well-hung, we are thinking about hosting a gang-bang at our hotel room. This would involve 3-4 clean, well-hung guys from here, and nothing is guaranteed but u will be able to touch at the bare miniumum, if jasmine feels confident about it, then more will happen - first oral, then penetration and dp :) that is a BIG if, considering that we have never done anything like this, but if u wanna have some fun and watch us fuck, email us at [email protected]
We'll be in town for abut a week, stayin at the Delta Montreal
Jasmine is 5'4", spanish, 145, 36C, and an absolute sexaholic - she loves it all :)

Looking foward to hearing from u us!