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Where Are We Now.


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Jun 28, 2003
albany ny
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As Summer is upon us, I ask the following question, where are we now. Several new agencies are now open, DANGEROUS CURVES, MOONLIGHT, and others, is this good? More agencies may lower the price, however in all the new places, the price is up. Used Cashmere last week, saw Rebeka,six hours at CAD1020.00, use to be 750.00 at Satin Dreams. The USD, seems to be holding steady, yet gas prices and some air fare are high. Alot of Indys are getting bad reveiws, some HD agencies, are being reveiwed less. Asservissante and Satindreamz seem to be the front runners, Jacques and Luxure, running just behind. Anyone know what Fantasme is up to thease days? Just wanted to get a feeling and what your opinions are, take care all.


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Dec 15, 2003
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Six hours with the same girl!
Nowadays, we locals may be tempted to spread it!
We skip red meat and opt for atlantic salmon !!!!
Good performing Indys are hard to find nowadays!
Visiting incalls! Gaz prices may be a factor!
Outcalls, the local liquor board increased the prices!
But we now have the Habs!
A substitute for a while? Till June?
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