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Thread: Public apologies to miss samantha

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    I would like to offer my public apologies to miss samantha for having bashed her in one of the pervious threads. I was really dissapointed with a date we were suppose to have and for which I got no notice of cancellation but I must admit I jumped the gun too quickly and regret having done so. I apologize to her if this caused her any sorrows in any shape or form.

    I truely apologize samantha et pardonne moi du plus profond de mon coeur.


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    Apologize and edit!


    While this public apology is a nice start I suggest you either edit or delete your previous posts in the thread which you bashed her since it appears you've wrongfully accused her.

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    How do I delete

    How do I delete a comment part of a thread? I would love to do that but how?


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    Bashing deleted

    Just to inform everyone I deleted any previous negative messages pertaining to samanatha.

    Again, 10000000000000000 excuses miss samantha

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    Personally, I don't believe this belongs in the outcall section. My impression has always been that the outcall section is for REVIEWS and not for public apologies.

    Perhaps the lounge, or Samantha's pm, would be more appropriate places for this post.

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    In a certain way I understand you but when you blast someone in publique, you should apologize in public. I already apologized to her but felt it was appropriate to do it in public.

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