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Thread: Vacation time

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    Vacation time

    Hey Guys/Girls,
    I just got home from the Bahamas, and holly molly what a freakin time. It's the 1st time i went on vacation in the summer time and i've never seen sooo many peeps in a resort. I went with my GF, and boy i felt like i was in the reality show TEMPATION ISLAND. There must of been 3 diffrent groups of about 40 girls a piece that just graduated college (all diffrent ages around 21-27). The question that i have to all our merbite fans is, how the hell do you keep your eyes from wondering everywhere and give your GF/WIFE the attention they require ? I'm telling you it was so hard but i did prevale (only for the fact i didn't go into the club cause that would be sticking my head in the lions mouth or sticking mr feelgood where he should not be) !!!!! What other vacation stories are out there ?

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    After getting X amounts of slaps on the head, you eventually learn to have tunnel vision when you're with your gf.

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    LOL, that's for shit sure. but a couple of smacks to the head can't take away the fact that there are massive knockers and little tight bodies all around you, especially when your sitting pool side and there are thongs and my fav, camel toes everywhere

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    Dark or reflective sunglasses.
    Don't turn your head.
    End of story....


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