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Thread: Pay at the beginning or at the end?

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    Pay at the beginning or at the end?

    In a recent review thread a reviewer posted that upon her arrival, the escort asked to be paid and he told her no that comes at the end. She insisted, he insisted, they called the agency, they argued but all finally agreed it's ok you can pay at the end.

    I've always paid right away, kind of thought that was just normal procedure, and also figuring it's best to have the lady at least not worried about getting ripped off the whole time...I figure I'll have more fun the more at ease she is.

    So what about the rest of you? Pay upfront? pay after? Any SPs care to share your thoughts on this one?

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    I leave the donation in clear site, usually on the desk...most of the time the ladies will not even touch it until departure.... I will add my tip as i see fit when she heads to shower at the end of the session.

    I think it is in our benefit to set the girls at ease... this is small detail worth eliminating.

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    With incalls I pay at the beginning, since you pretty much know the cost before you arrive. At least for me, I find out how much specific extras are, and I sort it all out beforehand. If there's a change during the session you can always recount it with her.

    For massage places I find the costs vary much more... you don't always know what options will be available, so I pay at the end. Though twice I have accidentally started to leave before paying the tip. It can be confusing when you pay the receptionist for the room/massage, and then also have to pay a second time to the girl. This lead to one funny incident where the girl was trying to express that I hadn't paid her without actually saying it, maybe they're not allowed to actually mention the money at the place (since the options were always the same and always the same price).

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    It is never a good idea to pay at the beginning. Usually if the girl takes the money at the beginning then she is planning to not give services as agreed upon or to leave before the time agreed upon or other bad things. Legitimate girls there to provide a professional service aimed at pleasing their clients I saw never even touch the money till the end of the session. This has been my experience with take out with strippers. Having been the victim of a bait and switch I no longer pay at the beginning. Once the girl gets her money she can do whatever she wants and there is nothing you can do about it.
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    Yeah, a take out stripper I would be a lot more cautious with. In fact with one of them I changed my mind before we even left the club, I just had a distinct feeling she was going to rip me off.

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    The first visit is always pay up front. Actualy, I prefer it that way.

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    I prefer the money to simply be left in plain sight. We both know it's there, no one has to mention it and we can simply focus on having fun. I will then collect it discreetly and at end of the session.
    Most of my clients will handle it this way...

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    for me, outcall i put the money in plain site & spread out so it is easy to count it without touching it. it is normally at the nightstand and is there before the lady shows up. most outcall sps that i see will leave notice the money & either walk over and count it without touching it or will just let it stay there. some sps will pick it up and count it. one or two might ask if it is for them and take it immediately or ask me for it after shortly entering the room. a few of the ladies that i've seen will take the money only after they've taken their shower and are dressing to leave (i find this the classiest or best method). if it makes a differnce my outcall is at a hotel and not one of the 4 hour siesta place since 1 sp that i saw regularly told me that the owner tells the lady that at 4 hour siesta places to almost get the money immediately when entering the room or to get it when they go into the shower.

    for incall, i will normally pay after the shower at the beginning or will put money in plain site near the table on the bed when i enter the room from taking a shower. i don't like paying before the shower unless the lady joins me in the first shower since i've heard stories of the lady leaving the room after getting paid. sometimes for incall the sp will ask before my shower for the money and i will show it and say i feel more comfortable to give it at the end of the session or at the end of my shower and see how she reacts to this.

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    I always pay at the beginning even if not asked by the girl (I do only Incall).
    In rare occasion, I don't have time to hand the money because the girl jumps on me right away ;
    So with very regular Girls, I often give the money at the end and they often have to remind me because I would just forget since our encounter is so natural...

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    if she want's the money in the beginning I never give them a tip for good service if the money is giving at the end I almost always give a little extra.

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    I always pay at the beginning. Yet if the SP asks for it that is a red flag to me. I would just give her $20 and thanks for stopping by. From personal experiences an SP who asked for the donation first is crap.

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    Unless you are planning a dine and dash, what difference does it make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperIntendantChalmers View Post
    Yeah, a take out stripper I would be a lot more cautious with.
    Yes but those escorts on annonces123 or craiglist I would worry more about. With stripper I do not even do take out with her until I got to know her see her at the club for over a month. Those escorts on annonces123 or craiglist I would not trust one minute. I would only pay after if she does not like it I would leave. And as for strippers at FS clubs especially them I always pay them after service is rendered.
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