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Thread: Does anyone remember....

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    Does anyone remember....


    There used to be a place on St-Joseph not far from the Laurier metro - it was often referred to as "Fine Lingerie" and was run by a wonderful woman named Marie (Reine).

    The girls used to give an excellent massage and an excellent release and they all dressed in fine lingerie - it was open for at least 4 years - but I think it was finally busted in 1999 or 2000 (I can;t remember).

    Since it closed, I have found a couple of the girls (Sandrine, Anne who still works on her own) however there were many other lovely ladies who I would love to see again: Evelyn, Dominic, Gabrielle - they were are great....

    Anyone else remember this place, the candles, soft music and of course the Fine Lingerie....


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    Fine Lingerie: anne

    You're in search of them too! They were the absolute best! Anne? Would you have some contact info on her?
    E-mail me privately if you must

    [email protected]


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