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Thread: MP and SP 420 Friendly

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    MP and SP 420 Friendly

    I have met quite a FEW MP and SP that like to have a joint before an appointment to get a little more relaxed. I am wondering what you guys and girls have seen and/or have experienced.

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    I am a smoker as well and I've always thought that "420 friendly" should be a regularly used acronym in reviews just like gfe, bbbj, cim, etc.....

    I meet a lot of girls and I always smoke during my rendez vous. It is very rare for me that an SP joins me to smoke. Some may smoke but not while working. I think that it is cool when an SP smokes with me because it is something to share and make the encounter more comfortable.

    WI, if you're interested, PM me and I'll let you know a hot girl who loves to smoke.

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