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Thread: Quebec GFE

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    Quebec GFE

    Hello all,
    Looking forward to my trip to Montreal!
    Lots of great talk on MERB about the ladies and services and so forth. My question, how is GFE defined vs. PSE?
    I love sexy French chicks, and am looking for a hottie like I seen in Pegus Productions! Young, hot and sexy!
    Who should I see?
    Do I look for PSE or GFE?
    Would like bbbj, cim, msog and maybe Greek if possible. Am leaning toward WildTimes, maybe Misty.

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    gfe is dfk, bbbj. pse is cim, swallow. and greek is ymmv

    msog is pretty much the norm (outside of asian agencies) if you take one hour or more

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    GFE is SUPOSE to be DFK, BBJ and giving you the feeling of having sex with a date...

    PSE is usually defined by CIM/COF or Greek.

    It also mean you going for a more "wild" experience in a way, more like fucking a pornstar then a lover.

    Of course this is all relative, GFE can offer cim as well, a girl can be passionate and more GFE yet still offering greek... but usually if you see the tag GFE, expect BBJ and DFK thats it, the rest is "maybe". If a girl is PSE, you can almost always expect CIM, and 50% of the time Greek. COF is more a wild card if i can say... some girls don't mind the actual CIF but prefer to not do it too often cause it mess there make ups and hairs... so they may not always be willing to do it...

    I have not book Misty personally, but i heard all great things about her, if she is avalaible she could be a great choice.
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    Amy Lee @ GG is exactly what you are looking for.

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    Thanks guys!
    Any recommends are awesome!

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