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Thread: Do any Sp's/Strippers know how to defend themselves?

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    Question Do any Sp's/Strippers know how to defend themselves?

    After considering the recent news about a serial killer on the loose who targets Sp's and reading the thread on Bad Dates I wondered how concerned Sp's/Strippers are with their personal safety. Does the average Sp resign herself to helplessness and plan on begging for mercy if attacked or do they actively train/prepare to give themselves a chance to escape from a would be captor/attacker.

    Are there any Sp's out there who have taken self defense courses of any kind? If so, what and for how long? Would any of you know several different ways to momentarily stun an attacker to give yourself enough time to break away and run? Obvious one, a knee to the groin, but what if he is behind you trying to strangle you? What then?

    Are there any agencies which offer courses to their ladies? Do agencies view self defense courses as worthwhile or that it is the ladies responsibility to train herself?

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    Do you have a link to the article on this serial killer? If not where did you hear about this?

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    wax on wax off

    LAI, LAI LAI LAI LAI...DANIEL-SAN! kARATE IN HEART, NOT HAND.. i NEVER SEE ANYONE BE ATTACK BY a TICKET CABIN BEFORE. Confucius say... She who blow well, not receive blows. My advice to those practitioners of fah-ku and suk kee should be armed with tazers or pepper bear spray. I know it's illegal, but hey, so is soliciting for the purposes of sex, yet we all do it. Myself, I'm a horndog not a fighter, so I never found out is my local blowjobologist can defend herself, I hope so. God bless their little hearts.
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    annalee>> sorry to hear about your ordeal, glad that you got away safely from that jerk and are here to tell your tale. You are so right, anyone can be a potential attacker, even a long time regular. Thanks for reminding me.

    I have taken several womens self defence courses, including a two day one offered by Stella.

    First and foremost, they teach you to be aware and never let your guard down. Aware of your surroundings, people around you, options you have, exits, etc.

    They also teach you a bit of confidence goes a long way. Most attackers want easy prey, so if you don't look like easy prey you just avoided many a potential attack.

    Obviously they teach you vulnerable points on a person, where and how to hit etc.

    HonestAbe>> if I am being strangled from behind, first try to turn to face his elbow so as to protect my wind pipe if possible. Then slam down as hard as I can with my heel into his foot (with any luck I'll be wearing my pointy heels that day), then elbow him (in the solar plexus if possible) then run like hell screaming all the way like a crazy woman! The idea is not to over power him, just to give myself enough time to break free and get to safety. Oh yeah, that purse size can of hair spray can come in useful also... as can any number of items that may be within reach. Then again all of this wont protect me from a bullet.

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    Karate not in pants, Danielsan...

    No kidding Ronnie... indeed, you cannot stop a bullet. And, if you do manage to stun the guy and take off running, you better pray he doesn't recover in time to run after you... if he catches you, you're toast.

    I concur with Kloseoff... I am a Third degree Black Belt... but I never had a fighting instinct. Good thing too, because I carried enough rage in my youth that if I ever connected a blow I would have killed or maimed. Today, I know that if I had to defend my life, my opponent would end up with broken limbs at the very least.... after which I would probably puke my guts out. I can and will defend myself, but I'm a nice guy, and smart, so I stay away from trouble, which I can detect quite nicely now.

    Escorting does not lend itself well to safety. Fortunately, people here are, for the most part, gentlemen. And those not so gentlemanly, are at least safe. Ronnie is right... be aware of your surroundings, and trust your instinct. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. And if it was safe and you overreacted, well, there's always next time.

    It all goes to attitude. I'm not all that big, but i'm fit, and even if I don't like fights, I know people are intimidated by me, they just don't show it sometimes, but it keeps me out of trouble. On the other hand, you can't reason with an idiot who has lost all his faculties to some pill or powder. There's no telling what strength he will come up with... metro booth guy is a fine example. Any blow you land will be deflected by adrenaline, and it will only fuel his rage. Break both his kness and he'll be out for the count.

    It really sucks that any of you should have to deal with this... so it goes.
    The stiffer the wood, the better

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    Rent the movie "The Evil That Men Do" with Charles Bronson, who in this movie uses a time honored technique to subdue a much larger bully who is harassing him. Vintage Bronson, and the small but tough dudes can learn from this instructional film. Indeed Oliver, despite the difference between the two of us in size, I could probably use the same technique to subdue you, if I used it.

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    I think all SP's should get training in Krav Maga, which is basically a form of street fighting developed by the Israeli military. Its philosophy is to eliminate the immediate threat as efficiently as possible, and then escape. It's perfect for women because it teaches you how to use body mechanics instead of trying to match strength against strength, so you can defend yourself against someone much bigger and stronger than you. You practice hard and learn pressure points and human physiology until it's second nature. It's also very practical, dealing with real-world situations, not just stuff you see in exhibition matches.

    You'll also learn how to be street smart, spotting trouble ahead of time. I've been practicing it for about five years now and what I really like about it is its emphasis on efficiency. They teach you how to disable your attacker with a minimum of moves and you learn that if you can do it without fighting, even better. If anyone wants to find out more about it, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to give you more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    your chances with me would be better with a knive
    this is harder to stop than the sock with the rolls of quarters

    You are getting your Bronson movies mixed up. Bronson used the sock full of quarters in the "Death Wish" films. In the "Evil That Men Do", he reached underneath the table and crushed the unsuspecting goon's testicles with his bare hand, which caused the goon such pain that he was on the ground writhing in pain before he could further threaten Bronson.

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    I get EB 's point... though...
    Consider the smaller size woman against a big man who is naked...
    His tactic seems to be right on the MONEY (pun intended). LOL

    OUCH! Dats got to hurt. Right on the testickles!

    Don't most girls have security with their driver and the doorman though? Or is this just a hypothetical poll?
    ~~~ WTF I just say that for? ah Je plaisantais seulement!

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    Actually the main point of this thread was discussed in a prior thread which I could not find, that being SP self defense. Perhaps the Mods will find and merge the other thread with this one.

    The conclusion in that thread is the same one I reach now: all SPs should carry a can of mace or pepper spray which will subdue anyone that needs to be subdued. I have spoken to some SPs who have admitted that they carry it. Usually the need to use it does not arise while with the client but after leaving the client, especially in dicier neighborhoods where a provocatively dressed, attractive woman will draw interest.

    There was a lot of discussion in that thread about drivers as "enforcers", and the conclusion was that most drivers are older men, who would be useless as "enforcers" or "goons" even assuming that they could intervene in a timely fashion, which as Oliver points out is usually not the case.
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    Ummm.... everything helps, I'm sure, but what good is mace, or a gun, or pepper spray.... or a knife, when a man is on top of a woman, pinning her with all his might? Where would her faculties be then... her mind on the mace ten feet away, hidden in her purse? Survival would kick in and she might find the strength to free herself. Barring that...

    The point is that vigilance and following instincts is far more valuable in self defence than any amount of Krav Maga, Aikido or weaponry. Same goes for the doorman waiting in the car, or even outside the door (unlikely).

    It's nice to be able to kick six inches over a doorframe... I can probably kick higher.... well, one shot to my other leg, or even my knee, and I'm finished. If a guy is standing I would take out his knee or his shin before considering the head. Very nice, but what if i'm not paying attention? Toast... burnt toast.

    Better safe than sorry. I still say follow your instincts. Annalee is right, she should have been paying attention, she even saw the signs. Still, no one deserves such treatment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Woodworker
    Ummm.... everything helps, I'm sure, but what good is mace, or a gun, or pepper spray.... or a knife, when a man is on top of a woman, pinning her with all his might?
    Well, I think the key is to not let that situation develop. In most instances, the mace can be used effectively to end the situation before it gets to that stage..........And the good thing about Mace is that nobody gets hurt, just a stinging in the eyes, a little bit of choking and some temporary incapacity. Punching or hitting someone in the Adam's apple, or hitting them in the face with a quarter full of socks, can cause a serious injury or death and result in assault charges. However, spraying someone with mace in self defense, or to cause a disruption for one second so an escape or retreat to safety can be made, is completely legitimate and the pain endured by the attacker is something he deserves but will soon get over.
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    The Art Of Self Defense

    Quote Originally Posted by longfirmleggss

    my simple point i was trying to make is it doesnt always matter how strong you are, once youre guard is down it can cost you dearly...its not something i worry about esp with regs..i happen to ignore the signs when he was very desparate to see me...i take full blame(thanks naughty for the words by the way)...smiling

    Ms. Blackbelt Longfirmleggss:

    You are very right. Being a professional girlfriend calls for alertness when rendezvous with clients. It comes with the territory. When under attack, the goal of an escort is to set herself free and stay out of harm's way as much as possible. So depends on what is the most expedient, hit the most vulnerable target (be it adams apple, eyes, balls, etc.) of your attacker decisively and precisely, with as much force as possible and leave as quickly as you can.

    Ronnie, the Naughty One's 'scream like a mad woman strategy' while running away is excellent in the attempt to scare away the attacker. I bet she is lovely when she does that. Ok, just kidding, sweetbaby, I hope you never have to do that.
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    My 2 cents

    Ok here goes. I might as well give you my credentials like others. I'm a 6 foot tall fat guy with an orange belt in TaiKwonDo. I acquired this magnificent belt about 15 years ago. Basically I showed up so they gave it to me. So you know I'm in shape and well in tune with my body. Sorry, I thought a little levity would help.

    Here's my philosophy. Get away. However you can. If you get to the point of fighting, there's no "hey you can't do that !". All I want is to be up and the other guy down. So if that means kicking him in the balls, so be it. The knees, eyes, throat, feet, balls are all target practice. I agree with the posts about carrying protection and not the latex kind.

    First of all, be aware.

    Gambling Fool
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

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    Smile Reality Check

    The point of this thread has mutated into
    a discussion about Bronson movies/pseudo
    self defense and macho one upmanship.
    (so many awards/black belts etc.)

    Movies are not reality = if you try any of the
    stuff seen in movies you increase your
    chances of meeting the Grim Reaper.
    You will not have the luxury of multiple takes
    to get the result you want.

    Some survival basics:
    1.) you cannot stop a bullet.Never argue
    with or disrespect a gun.The longer
    a gun remains unfired the better your
    chances.Remain calm and focused
    on your survival.Money is replaceable.
    2.) knives/weapons - see 1.).Mace,nail
    files etc that you may use in self
    defence = unless you know what
    you are doing,you risk having the
    item turned against you by someone
    whose rage has just gotten worse.
    3.) Getting into a situation is easy
    getting out is a challenge.Be aware
    of all your physical surroundings
    and how they may change within
    the specific time and context.Your
    exit should be planned - account for
    variables such as darkness etc.
    4.) Do not let strangers get behind you
    in new situations.In bars you could
    spot troublesome customers by the
    table(s) they picked - bouncers know
    which tables protect a customers back
    while offering a view of doors etc.
    A client comes in and takes such a
    table,starts rearranging the chairs to
    facilitate his movement,checks items
    for their fight value and the bell's will
    go off.Likewise you should make a
    room friendly for you by getting a sense
    of the items at hand,their possible other
    functions,etc.Position yourself for an
    unimpeded exit.
    5.) Learn how to distinguish right handed
    people from left handed people.Patrons
    would inevitably tip at the door with
    their strong hand.Adapt to your situation.

    Good luck.

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