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Thread: Sex with a real Pornstar

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    Sex with a real Pornstar

    Hello all!

    Would you know of any real pornstar doing SP?


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    Quote Originally Posted by feelinglost View Post
    Hello all!

    Would you know of any real pornstar doing SP?

    Never heard of any. Sorry.

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    I asked Siri for Montreal escort porno and she found very good answer !

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    there's another thread on this in the lounge.

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    Dude cmon...

    Just to name a few

    Kelly Summer : Goodgirls until a few days ago(??) now independant from what i heard
    Amy Lee at Good Girls
    Roxy Lane at XXXtase
    Shana Lane at XXXtase

    I know a few other but they done very few porn and i am not sure if i can disclose it publicaly. But in the well known... here you got it...
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    like others have said, there's already a thread but to name those who weren't named

    Vyxen Steel is Vicky at mtltopgirls

    there's Melissa Fox at massage jasmine but that's a MP so we can forget about that one
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    From my experience, there is nothing more to be expected from a "real" pornstar. Pornscorts are readily available in Europe and I've tried a few of them. One in particular was out of this world (Cathy Heaven) while the rest were rather mechanical experiences... These girls revert to escorting because the porn business is not doing so well these days so they're not really into it. Except for Cathy, forget the crazy sex you see on screen. They want your money and out.

    After trying it now, I much prefer a girl who chooses escorting and enjoy what she's doing. Less hit and miss.

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