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Thread: Paris Review Board Or Suggestions

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    Paris Review Board Or Suggestions

    I'm going to Paris for a few weeks, are there any resources like Merb over there? I haven't found much through Google. Also if anyone has any agency recommendations that would be fantastic.


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    Checked TER for you. This is the only agency I encountered that got great reviews from experienced reviewers.

    Emilly just got a great review.

    It is not a perfect agency, there was one reviewed girl who got a bad review, but she is not working for them anymore.

    The agency has quite a few reviews, mostly all favorable, and English is spoken if you do not speak French.

    I love Russian girls, so this is the agency I would use. Paris is not a very good low-budget mongering city, as you can see if you read the internationalsexguide section on Paris.

    This agency is relatively expensive by European standards but I am afraid that a person has to pay a lot for good service in Paris.

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    If you want see in PARIS Russian girl, don't forget your wallet,they are very expensive at lesat three time the price we have to pay here in Montreal.

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    Website in french, not very practical because forums are sorted by arrondissement,
    but contains a lot of reviews.

    A couple of years ago, based on those reviews I saw a couple of independent girls ( one french, one foreign with mixed origins ).
    Also an independent french masseuse and a couple of chinese massage places.

    Didn't try the russian agencies, looked too shifty.

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    As Patron said - head East. A flight from Paris to Frankfurt is cheap or hop on the Eurorail.

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    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to check out Youppie. Was hoping not to have to leave Paris since my schedule is quite full but Germany does look appealing.

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    It occurs to me that I probably used some lingo that you might not be familiar with. ISG stands for which is a popular website for international reviews. It is important to ignore glowing reviews from posters with 1 post since it is often a self review from the girl herself. If you go through the Europe / France / Paris thread, focus on reports from senior members with high post counts. There were some favorable posts by senior members regarding DreamMed Girls agency that caught my eye. It is a European tour agency that services Paris. The only problem with ISG is that it attracts guys who truly like club hopping and trying to get the lowest possible price regardless of quality, so true escort reviews are sometimes far and few between, and I believe you asked about escort agencies. TER stands for an American paid review site that focuses on escorts. Unfortunately foreign cities are not always well represented. Good luck and be sure you report back. I have always been interested in Paris but I have always chosen European cities instead that are better known for good mongering.

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