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Thread: The new vibe in Merb world… wow

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    The new vibe in Merb world… wow

    Am I the only one feeling this?

    Without going into details, no need to, since a few months everything is going so smooth and information is share more in a civil and respecful manner. It's a pleasure for me to come here to get or give info about this crazy hobby but so much fun.

    Thanks to Fred Zed and mod20. Solving problems promptly when there is realy one but not being there interfering in every little situation while not necessary.

    But on top of all: Thank you very very much Ladies for bringing us in paradise. Big kiss on your cheeks! loll

    Wishing to all of you guys a great day and crazy adventures driven by gentlemen!

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    Tout-à-fait d'accord avec tes propos.

    La preuve est faite sur ce site de conversation que les TDS (Travailleuses de la santé et non du sexe) et les clients ne sont pas des êtres pervers, débauchés, immoraux et tordus comme semble vouloir l'exprimer les abolinionnistes et les féministes radicales.

    Ce monde a changé et change de plus en plus vers le meilleur. Tant mieux pour tous.


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    Like sex, the benefits of rule enforcement are not about quantity but about quality.

    In the last years I used to think the moderation was just right, but now I see it's much more smooth.
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    Very nice to see the huge improvement in moderation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siocnarf View Post
    In the last years I used to think the moderation was just right, but now I see it's much more smooth.
    Moderation has been always non-intrusive at merb, except for a period of time that lasted a few years during which we experienced some kindergarden style moderation and that was just ridiculous. Most members here are very cool and respectful. By the "Broken window theory", a person who joins a disrespectful board will tend to act disrespectfully towards everybody else. Reciprocally, if a new member notices that everbody is acting in a civilized way, then he/she will tend to behave the same way. I am pretty sure that FZ and the mods did/are working very hard to keep spammers and trolls at bay, though I also think that the active members here deserve some credit. We have a nice community here.

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    In the old days there was Canbest, with no moderation, and the Bleeding Dinosaur (as I call it), where the moderators wanted to play big shot.As a result, Merb mods have always been better than what I was used to.

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