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    Recommended Movers

    Hi folks! It will be moving season i.e. July 1 soon. I'm actually moving to a new place myself and it will be my first time to hire professional movers to move my stuff. I'm researching for the best possible choice considering reliability, quality, and of course price. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

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    Westmount movers are good but not cheap,especially on July 1. Good luck. Book someone fast.

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    Le clan Panneton is very professionnal and reliable. But as november said, book someone fast, you might even be too late for july 1st.
    Consider if possible, a few days before or after and you might save a lot of $$$.

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    Thanks for the inputs guys!

    I'm actually moving on the weekend before July 1. So far all companies I contacted for quotation are available. I contacted Westmount but they have not replied yet.

    The cheapest I found is The Man with his Van (145$/hr). The next higher one is Expert Plus @ 150$/hr.

    Anyone has experience with these companies?

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    Kings Transfer Van Lines. Very professional. This is the kind of thing you don't want to choose solely on price.
    Sometimes the cheapest doesn't always work out to be any cheaper at all.

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    Panneton or La Capitale
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    Panneton is a company with a bunch of trucks that wait for the moving season and then hire anyone to be a lifter/mover. 90% of their movers are part timers. You get what you pay for. Personally I move my own valuables and get a reliable person to move the rest in the past. There is a new method of moving. There are companies that will put large boxes in front of your place and you fill it yourself or hire people on Craigslist to fill it up with your stuff. The companies will then transport the boxes to your new place and you unload it. I have not used them, but if I were to move this is the way I would go. I had some dope addict mover rummage through my boxes on the last move.

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    Make sure when they promise you 3 guys and a driver that the 3 guys are pros and not 1 pro and 2 students...

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    Whatever you do make sure you know all the charges upfront. There are firms that charge extra on site for things like stairs, anything over 100lbs, etc etc etc. They will hit you with the fees at the other end and if you don't pay, will take your things back to the original location, unload them and leave them on the street. Remember that old adage, "You get what you pay for" find a reputable mover, have them explain ALL the possible charges up front and NEVER give the mover more than a 10% retainer before the move, NEVER !
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    Make sure you insure items that are breakable. Some years ago during an intrastate move within Connecticut, the movers smashed my favorite glass coffee table. I had not insured it and was bitterly disappointed.

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    Thanks for all your inputs! Now I actually considered just renting a truck and have friends help with my move. So far I have enough manpower to do the job on our own. To me this option is becoming less expensive and safer in the end.

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    I have a general question. Why does a large number of people in Montreal move on or about July 1st? It seems a VERY INEFFICIENT allocation of limited resources. I'd really appreciate someone explaining the background and logic behind this once a year mass migration. THX

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    Maybe i'm wrong but i think it is to lease contract that have been always beginning on 1st of july so with that it make a lot of move around that date..
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