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    Legal Question...

    Is webhosting for Escorts legal? If so, where's the line?

    I understand some of the basic ways to avoid criminal exposure but I am a bit worried now that in SF got busted (although USA is known for stricter laws regarding escorting). SF is supposed to be one of the more liberal states !

    I mean, realistically, how on earth can a webhost claim to believe that the escorts on his site are just having dinner with clients? Especially if they have BBBJ and GREEK listed in the services? Also, is there some kind of contract a webhost can sign to get him off any criminal liability (for example, the escort signs the contract stating that she will not do anything illegal on the site). If she does, she breaks terms and services and you are not responsible, right?

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    Hi all
    Are your questions for Canadian law application also or just US and states laws?

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    Canadian Law. It's far too restrictive in the states, I won't even bother.

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    Hi there multiple scenarios possible and even probable until the C-36 Bill comes into effect escort agencies in Canada encounter minimal risk !
    I was in the industry for 20 years just retired a year ago !
    I was intercepted by the police over 1,000 times for age verification of provider
    On bord since I screened carefully my staff never had any problems with in such a verification if there minors on board everyone would be arrested!
    The police interrogates the driver to try and make him admit he is a escort driver
    This is a penal offense the carry a heavy fine between $1,500 to $2,000 plus fees
    And Lawyers
    I was arrested and put in shackles over 100 times brought to the Police station
    They where trying to interagate me !
    I have respected my right too shut the fuck up every time so they had to let me go!
    Now at the end of tenure ,the 2 last years we where using a web hoster in the states but escorting services in Canada never had any problems,many canadian agencies are actually hosted by US companie but my last verification dates about a year back !
    Now as for the terms BBBJ they are acronyms what those BBBJ mean in a court
    of justice big bad boy jerking,brown bear brawling jiving,Bonnie baby brest jumping ,acronyms can mean anything on criminal charges the onus of proof is on the Crown the defendant as presumption of innocence if there is no admission making a solid proof to convict is very difficult!
    We the new law Bill C--36 things might become lot tougher?
    To Remember that there is many scenarios possible and the on how much effort
    Law enforcement will put to crack you up?
    Many agencies where busted in the past some for using cloned phone for example they where also charged for prostitution even though the original motive was something else.Put the most charges on the defendant and see witch one will stick?
    Intimidation is a way used by Police forces to get a guilty plea out of there subject!
    Many variable are possible there never a definite answer law evolves and interpretation too ,credibility of witnesses varies!
    Best regards

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    Strictly speaking, the seizure of myredbook had very little to do with the advertising of prostitution. The US has draconian laws regarding the government's ability to seize assets while an investigation occurs for financial crimes such as money laundering, structuring, and tax evasion. You do not want to even know how much power the government has in that area. And it was the federal government that did the seizure, not the liberal government of San Francisco.

    The owners of myredbook are accused of making very large money transfers that the government alleges violated these financial laws. That is why the site was seized by the government. If the defendants are found not guilty, the assets will be returned. When it comes to asset seizures, your US civics teacher was not correct when he or she said that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

    From a publicity standpoint, the government has pointed out that one of the underaged providers that was identified in a recent federal prostitution investigation advertised on myredbook. That is not too surprising since that site allowed free advertising and did zero due diligence to determine who placed the ad. But the seizure did not directly relate to underaged prostitution, that was just publicity to strengthen the public's opinion regarding what the government did.

    Even in the US, a well run escort advertisement and review board has consistently been held by courts to be protected under freedom of speech. I like the way that theeroticreview requires a provider to have her own website with a link to TER. The more hoops that are required, the less likely that a high school girl or a pimp will be doing the advertising and create negative publicity.

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