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Thread: Ben Mulroney - Why?

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    Ben Mulroney - Why?

    Why is this guy on TV - talent? I think not. Geez, does simply having Mulroney as a last name, having a dad that has friends at CTV/Bell Globe Media, all one needs to host Canadian Idol?


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    I agree - he seems to be a bit of a "girly man" (from the "Hans and Franz" skit on Saturday Night Live)
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    Talking Trudeau does help too

    I guess having Trudeau helps you be on T.V. too. One thing for sure, you won't see a Campbell on T.V.
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    well, Ben is not the only Mulroney in the business.
    I believe there is another actor named Dermot Mulroney and he is doing pretty good.. well, Dermot is not hosting Canadian Idol, though

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    Canada Vs. U.S.

    Most americans have no idea that Mulroney is the name of a past Canadian Prime Minister.

    Dermot's chin is not big enough to be related

    BTW, the difference is that the Trudeau's are not on TV hosting a show that they have no skill or talent for...I've only seen them on TV in news related items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnhenrygalt
    Nepotism will get your foot in the door. After that you're on your own. If Canadian Idol and E Talk Daily ratings were in the toilet, Mulroney would be out on his ass. Enough people seem to watch the shows he hosts, whether or not he has "talent".
    E talk daily.. I watch that once in a while to see that white chick..

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    Well, Ben has admitted that his famous father helped him obtain work in the showbusiness field. He is also quite a handsome man, may i add, and very charismatic.

    As for the girly-man stuff, 90% of guys in the business are girly-men. Ben has a gorgeous gf in the States, so he isn't a true girly-man. An acquaintance of mine in the showbiz field told me last year that at least half the men who are actors are gay or bi. The numbers used to be higher decades ago. I don't find this hard to believe. If leading men such as Rock Hudson and Cary Grant were gay, anything's possible.

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    It's just too funny to see a nick named "Jean Chretien" bashing on a relative of Mulroney.

    BTW Trudeau's son did some TV show and do animate actually a radio show on CKAC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Train
    I could care less if he is gay, straight bi or tri for that matter. As to why he is on TV ?....well he's no worse than Ryan Seacrest or whatever his name is on the US show. The guy I would dust first from Idol would be that buffoon John Dore.....he is just plain embarrassing to Canadian television.Cary Grant was gay? What a waste , the guy could have probably dated any Hollywood starlet he wanted.
    I agree with your statement about Ben and Seacrest. As for Cary Grant, he was bisexual according to inside sources in Hollywood. He did date many starlets....of both sexes, i gather. He fathered his first child when he was in his 80's. A brilliant actor!

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    Hmmm - let's reflect

    'Ben has a Girlfriend in the U.S.' - we'll Elton John was married once... (to a woman). Not that Ben's sexual orientation matters - I simply stated that he's still in the closet about it - that's all.

    'He's no worse than Ryan Seacrest' - actaully he is, quite worse.

    'If e-talk daily ratings were down - the would can him' - yeah right. His dad is still very connected. I'd hate to be the one to fire him - you might as well right your own pink slip if you do that. Also, haven't you noticed that the show keeps adding good looking women to their staff - I wonder why...

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    Out of the "Top 50 Worst Canadians", Ben gets the coveted #1, just edging out Jann Arden for #2 and Ralph Klein for #3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Train
    Ralp Klein is my hero for his stance on medicare and for telling the Liberal mob in Ottawa to piss off .
    Yeah? Good luck paying for your own oxygen in I'd say 15'll need it.

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    Train, relax. Anyone who says "Ralph Klein is my hero" should be prepared for rebuttal.

    It's also an idiotic insult of you to assume I haven't been affected by any medical problems or had issues with the system. Of course its gotten worse! Everyone doctor and his patient in this country knows that! Canada Health has been purposely mismanaged for over 15 years in order to usher in privatization for profit. Plain and simple. Who was the finance minister in the early 90's responsible for the massive unprecedented cuts in the health budgets? Paul Martin. In 2002,Ottawa had a surplus of 9 BILLION dollars...yet there was debate over public health money. Who was the PM?

    Well, there are billions of dollars to be made off the sick and elderly, and the U.S. has been the classic map to follow. Any U.S. president with the sole purpose of instigating public health care will get assasinated. Clinton backed off this very issue his first 3 months in office, and that was the foundation of his campaign platform.

    The back-logs and wait times for operations are due to weak government in order to leave the public with the obvious choice-"Lets just buy it! It's our right!" This philosophy completely undermines the essence of what Canada Health used to stand for. Doctors, GPs, surgeons all feel admirable that they're releiving the problem by making this "option" available, when after its all said and done, there will be more people suffering.

    I'm sorry your friend had to go through a tough time with their cancer treatment. But to trumpet Klein as some kind of hero for his stance on medicare is wrong and dangerous. And don't get me started on his enviromental policies. The system is in critical danger, and although there are some great people working hard to save it, I personally have little hope that Canada will have public health coverage in the future. It will slowly get chiseled away to private companies, who will continue to blast front page stories via their CanWest friends, documenting the wait-lists, the hospitals without proper equipment, understaffing, the abuse of emerg. room visits...etc. etc. etc.

    Theres just too much money waiting in the wings.

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