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Thread: Chateau Royal

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    Chateau Royal

    Someone told me it closed down. Why did it close? Do they plan on opening again? Any details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


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    Chateau Royal is no more However it is now an apartment complex, not sure of the rent price, but I am looking into renting a space there, love the location and the convenience!


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    Wow! That is news to me. This was my preferred place to stay because of price, location, and the suites(with 'fridge). Their web site for the longest time stated that they would be renovating..this must be what they meant.

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    Unhappy Has this been confirmed through the hotel itself?

    I was on the phone just a month ago with the manager inquiring about F1 reservations and he said he already had a large list of people interested whom he would be calling soon to start the process. Why would they close all of a sudden with such a lucrative location and solid bookings all year long?

    The closure of this hotel would really blow since it is a great spot if you like being able to stumble out the door and be in the middle of all the action on Crescent. If this is true then the only hotel with a view of Crescent is De La Montagne one street over, is it not? Major stress attack here as De La Montagne is already sold out for F1 next year and I can't even think of the next closest hotel to the hoppin' part of Crescent.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Just to add to this, I called the Chateaus' 800 number today and the Chateau is indeed no longer in business. The woman I spoke with said it is being turned into student apartments.
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    I believe their web site is down and I found this write up on the web...

    Hope the link works or just Google Chateau Royal sale.

    Not sure how they offered a prime location for short money for so long. It did not seem like they put too much money into the place though.

    Are there any other comparable places in the area as far as price and room(suite w/fridge)?

    I have some hotel research to do before my next trip to Montreal.


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    Clarion Suites

    Clarion Suites next to the Pepsi Forum. I followed Uncle Kracker's recommendation and had a very enjoyable stay.

    Unfortunately, the Choice Hotels Guest Privileges program only works for stays in the USA. But that's only if you're one of those people that likes to horde hotel points. I like to do that sometimes, but it's not a deal-breaker for me.

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    I have stayed at the Royale before and this place is a dump for the area of downtown. Location is unbelievable and if they remodel it would be worth it.


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