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Thread: Do U really Love ur Board Personna ?

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    Do U really Love ur Board Personna ?

    Are you so in love with ur board handle that you feel that ur a star if u devulge it to a postitute ?

    Come on, come forward & admit it if you've told prostitutes your board handle ! Grow some.

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    I don't speak from experience, but I don't see what the big deal is... Why should it matter? If you leave a less than favorable review and she reads it, would you be interested in seeing her again anyways???

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    Most of them know who I am now....and yes, I do leave bad reviews on occasion. It makes it more difficult and you have to be more tactful. I have even had an escort down in the Carolinas ask me to remove my TER review because I gave her a 6 for looks. I tactfully declined stating that she was a 6 and at least everyone now knows that she is not LE (I TOFTT). Her ratings for looks have went up since then but she was using false pics at first but I digress....

    In Montreal I used to not say anything. then I signed up for the Eleganza discount and I had to reveal my handle. To the other agencies I would say "I am a MERB member and I review but I will not say my handle." Now I just tell them who I am most of the time. My reviews are not that critical to anyone anyway. My over-inflated sense of self importance has gone out the window.

    In the United States you cannot hobby without revealing something. I feel great if I only have to divulge my handle.

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    I occasionally find my board persona to be moderately interesting, but it is an entirely fictitious character. It's ethnicity, physical characteristics, profession, age, civil status, political and philosophical views are all fabrications. I could never "reveal" my persona to a sex professional; I could only admit to being the creator of "johnhenrygalt", but "johnhenrygalt" is not me any more than Jean Valjean was Victor Hugo. I doubt any of the girls would be interested so I never discuss merb.

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    My nickname is horrible and terrible to pronounce unless you speak french or german. It's a short for Gustave, inspired by this guy standing on the left of the stage. I can't stand my board personna. And what a liar he is, he says he loves me.

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    My board persona is me.

    I don't ever discuss my handle with anyone. A couple of girls have matched things in my postings to things I told them and identified me, from which I learned that girls follow this board.

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    I am no means a star here.

    I wouldn't say I am a star on terb however if you were to make assumptions about me based on my terb persona, you would be very wrong unless you looked very closely and analysed the hell out of it.

    Internet is reality minus context.

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    Personna? I don't play a character... My name is just a name... Actually the only reason why i have a dumbass name here is link to my debut in 2009. I said it before, but ill say it again... because its funny and i feel somewhat now its part of a fun story.

    I was searching for a good strip club place in quebec cause i had a canninal corpse show coming up, my friend cancelled on me for that one so i was going alone and i felt going at the lady mary ann without him would be sad... So i wanted to see what other club the city had to offer. Found the board trough google search, realize it was more than about strip clubs lol, and saw K.I.M was coming to sherbrooke the next day of my show.

    I contacted her by mail, but i was afraid this was illegal like in the states(i saw many movies where the johns are arrested by a female cop posing as a street walker) so i used an old mail i didn't had used for years, and therefore i matched my name here with that old junk mail... I didn't wanted my 'real' internet name to be known for legal purpose... now i don't really care honestly. Its actually funny and weird to be call "mike" in GTs as everybody in my personal life call me by my xbox live handle.

    In any case with over 1700 msg and a sign up date of 2009, i never wanted to loose that so screw that, i kept the name and all...

    But like i said its just a name, its not a "persona" or a "secret identity". Sometimes i mentioned it to girls who i was on the board, usually when they mentioned they check the board and read there reviews, im not afraid they see what i write. I rarely gives negative reviews but when i does, there is a reason behind it... I never judge a look by number... i feel its completely uncalled for.
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    Repeat girls would know who I am on MERb.

    One agency has definitely figured me out, as I have a pattern of habits when I arrive in town. First phone call to the agency always seems like a "Welcome back to Montreal.... whats the mood tonight going to be?" Unless they have a newbie on the phone! LOL

    I'm with Mike on this one... my handle is simply a name. I am who I am, on MERB, and in real life... minus the name! I do not play a different character, or feel like a rockstar. Trust me I'm no rockstar.... LOL! Just an ordinary guy with a busy schedule and up for a good time!

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