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  • Ashley Madison

    4 6.15%
  • Lava Life

    33 50.77%
  • Night Exchange

    9 13.85%
  • Tele-Match

    5 7.69%
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    14 21.54%
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Thread: easiest place to get laid

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    easiest place to get laid

    where is the easiest and most efficient place to get laid?

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    You're missing adult friend finder.
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    Ashley Madison - Stay Away


    I have tried Ashley Madison. Stay Away!!! This place does not work. The ratio guys:girls is way too high. I'll stick to SPs which is more convenient.

    Lone Rider

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    I think the bar at the W hotel is pretty cool and easy pickings

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    easiest place to get laid

    When I used to get up to Monteral quite a bit (at least 3 times a year in the late 80s and early 90's I alway found that a two places on Bishop Street always seemed to be fruitful. Deja Vu (Now McKibbins) and Shooters Bar (another Irish place..forget the name). Also I've always had good luck at hotel bars...I tend to scope out places that have some sort of functions, confrences, or meetings going on...then I hang out at the end of the day after the meetings, etc are over with....I have had some good luck with this approach.

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    Personally, Lava Life has gotten me laid with about 5 different REGULAR attractive women (I have actually met about 10 for coffee but not attracted). I haven`t used LL in about 3 years. Too much work, but feels awfully good when u do score.

    This is of course excluding 2 sp`s, one of which I simply met in Ville Emard (told her to meet me on a corner late at night) and she just hopped in with her mini-skirt and black stockings (per my request) and we parked as she gave me a passionate footjob, a small , but then I decided to SOG with RUSSIAN on her massive natural breasts in the back seat of my car. That was kinky. $40

    I recall how I had chatted with a young girl from Spain (I think I was 21,...11 years ago). She said she was 19. She looked more like 17. Anyways, her spanish accent turned me on big time. She was apparently staying at her cousin`s house in Hampstead for 2 months visiting her family. She complained of being bored during the day. I had phone sex with her on the first night we met on LL. She called me on my personal line, and it was on. I must have spoken with her for 3 hours finishing with the phone sex.

    In the heat of the passion, I arranged to meet with her the very next morning. Since, I didn`t have a car back then, I agreed to skip my first class and meet her by bus & metro. It was an October/Fall morning, sunny but a little crispy, with no clouds in the sky. I had a raging hard-on as she called to confirm with me at 8am. I had asked her the night before to get dressed up for me, and she was now calling to tell me how she was dressed to see if I liked. Indeed i did (black nylons, with garters, high heels, a mini-skirt, and a long jacket to cover everything). She told me where she would be at what time, and what color she would be wearing.

    Back then, i had no computer, so I had no clue what she looked like, but I had an inkling that she would be nice.

    Anyways. I got off at Plamondon Metro and took some city bus westwards past Decarie and past Cavendish mall, almost reaching the terminus!. Finally, as i approached the street where I was supposed to get off, I saw her slowly walking on the opposite side on the sidewalk, with her hands in her pockets, and only her eyes staring at the bus inconspicously (her head was pointed forwards). Even from the bus, we made eye contact. The heat was oN!!!

    I only remember spottting her luscious long blonde hair, slim physique, black stockings coming out from underneath her beige jacket, and open toe high heels. Barely any traffic at this end of the city. I`m hard just reminiscing about it...

    Anyways, she realised that only one guy (that fit the description that she was looking for) got off the bus, so she started back towards me.

    She was about 5`5 with heels, long platinum blonde hair, cute face (about 7/10), and slim figure with what I later found out were 34-C cups. Forgot her name!

    We greeted each other with a double cheek-kiss, then I moved in for the lips and she succumbed EASILY!. She grabbed my hand and took me to the park that we had talked about the night before (some park where she would normally go for walks and there would apparently be no one).

    Anyways, sure enough within 5 minutes we were walking into this gigantic park/forest with many walkways that just went deeper into the forest (don`t remember the name of the park). There was ABSOLUTELY no one. It must have been 9am/Tuesday morning. I was dressed nice, she was dressed hot!!!

    We went deep into the forest, found a park bench and went at it, while I kept an eye out for intruders (we did not get interrupted once). It was something straight out of Video Marc Dorcel!!! The birds were chirping, the sun was seeping thru the trees, and the leaves were falling, not to mention how damn clean the park was...

    We did it all: DFK, , DATY, and positions (she sat on top of me on the very side of the bench for cowgirl AND then reverse cowgirl; standing up against the bench-doggy; standing up face to face, on the grass sideways and mish ontop of my jacket).

    The finale was breathtaking, as she sat on the bench (I had placed my jacket for her to sit on the bench), with her legs crossed, skirt pulled up around her waist, and gorgeous tits hanging out...we never actually took our clothes off (only my zipper was pulled down).

    In any case, I stood in front of her, and she gave me a sloppy HJ, as I SOG`d all over her C cups, chin/lips, while the rest dripped on her thighs/stockings!!! Luckily i had a towel in my school bag (I was prepared).

    Then for good measure, she `d me dry! Believe it or not, I had dominated her teh whole time. She was totally submissive! The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes.

    i never ever had another epsiode like that again
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    That was you?!?! j/k

    Cool story....damn nylon, you've done it all

    Props to you homie G!

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    Has a frenchie I use and in the last year I meet about 20 girls and my score of SOG is about 50% of them...


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    Quote Originally Posted by wilko26
    Has a frenchie I use and in the last year I meet about 20 girls and my score of SOG is about 50% of them...


    SP or regular chix?
    Paid? or unpaid for excitement rendered?

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    Internet sites

    I agree with Lone Rider, these places (on the internet) are a lot of work. You'd better have a lot of time on your hands and be patient. I got laid with a few girls on Ashley Madison and Joueraveclefantasme but had to spend a lot of time on it. Over 90% of e-mails go unanswered. 5% tell you you're not what the're looking for. With the other 5%, you exchange a couple of e-mails, chat for a while on MSN, eventually go for coffee or drinks and on 2nd or 3rd encounter you get sex. You're down to 2% success rate on the original list.

    And at the end of all this, you're not sure you'll get a good looking one.

    I find that is somewhat better because none of the girls are looking for a husband, this site is all about sex.


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    Easiest place to get laid

    My house, if your a hot chick! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTU
    I think the bar at the W hotel is pretty cool and easy pickings
    What is the W Hotel? Forgive my ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F1Lover
    What is the W Hotel? Forgive my ignorance.
    W stands for "Wonderful". No Joke. Its a posh, ritzy, boutique hotel in downtown Montreal. Only costs around $300-$400 per night.

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    Does this Hotel have a website?

    Never heard of it? Thanks!

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