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Thread: Will the cold winter weather affect your travels to Mtl this year?

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    Will the cold winter weather affect your travels to Mtl this year?

    The weather has been kind of crazy so far. It's been unusually very cold in the States (even Hawaii) and the Buffalo area has had record snowfalls. It's only a matter of time before this crazy weather hits the Montreal area, i believe. Like 99% of the scientists, i blame climate change. I know Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann & Ted Cruz have their own opinions in regards to this (bet you two of them failed science), but that's another story.

    Will weather be a factor in your decisions to travel to Montreal this year? If not, will you come prepared & bring proper clothing for this type of cold weather?

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    I don't see why the weather would affect me that much. It's not as if I am skiing or dog sledding my way in. So long as the planes, trains and buses run I am good to go for my next visit.

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    Won't affect my plans. But it does affect women's ability to dress sexy and for that we all suffer.

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    I have lived in the North most of my life. I have seen weather like this, and worse, so no, it will not change a thing.

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    I never cease to be amazed on my winter Montreal trips what a great job the city does with Mont Royal (not sure if I spelled that correctly). I like the attitude. If there is a lot of snow, embrace it and make great winter hiking and skiing trails for the locals and the tourists. I cannot think of any northern U.S. cities that do a similar thing for free.

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    The little walooo has a mind of itself and doesnt care about the weather.

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    I will be there in December!

    (And yes, I will be hobbying! )

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