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Thread: Best SP moves ever.

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    Best SP moves ever.

    I have had a few SPs that knew how to please a guy and some that laid there like a lump. The best SP moves I have seen are when I cum, the SP moves her hips up and down as if she was rubbing her clit on the top of my pubic hair. The other great SP move is when I cum doing anal she would squeeze and contract her ass muscles 20-30 times What good SP moves have you seen?

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    A gal I see all the time once I have cum squeezes her pussy and loves to look back at me as she does it . She tells me she is doing it to ensure that she gets every drop out of me
    " You actually get to choose your friends, family.........well..."

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    When she gyrates her hips during cowgirl.
    Tongue play during DFK.
    If she bites. LOL.

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    I give SPs one of my moves. After I do the deed I am still pretty hard. I Pull out slowly and let my spring sproinger slide up and slap my belly as it come out the tip rides over her clit. I have made a few SPs jerk their crotch and convulse this way.

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    Best SP move ever? - knocking on my door, its all rapture after that.

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    Just after I have blowen , she then quickly pulls off hat and licks me dry. I had had this happen with two different hotties.

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    I told this one to my merb friends already numerous time and I now share with you.
    It happened this year with an ATF and it really turned me on.

    Picked my ATF somewhere for a Sex Lunch. Went to hotel.
    I lost 30 min to find her pick up place.
    It was my fault and I was a bit turned off and did not expect this session to be memorable.

    In the hotel room, she lays on the bed all clothed and watch tv while I go in the bathroom for a quick shower.
    When I get out of the bathroom, She is in doggy position, fully naked, her butts facing me and she is fingering herself, her head turned toward me.
    Then she makes me a signed to come by. The effect was like a strong magnet.

    I just throw the towel, and put my face in her butts doing a passionate DATY, DATO.
    This session became the most intense and memorable one I had in my life.

    I had quite a few surprised with this ATF, She suggested things I never experienced before and that turned me on... Like squirting on me etc...

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    Biting nibbling on m perineum, nibbling my nipples, and fingering my ass whilst devouring my member.
    HAL ... you know the one

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    I have had the hop off when I cum and she starts to do the BJ furiously, I suppose that is what makes a good SP that is never short of appointments.

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