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Thread: Escorts changing names, changing places Deleted???

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    Escorts changing names, changing places Deleted???

    It seems that we lost yet another thread. I can't find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverdy View Post
    ...If the Escort changing names is gone for a similar reason, we may have to start a new one.
    Lets hope it's not cause there was so much info in it!

    ALL should be kept in one thread this way we will not lose it if it's deleted.
    For example the 3 letter name thread. Reverdy and I have a copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverdy View Post
    Have you contacted the mods about it?

    Can't remember who started it, but if the member had his profile deleted, then all the threads that this member had started were deleted as well.
    Nah! I won't bother them. I'll rather have them look it up with Fred and do something about the way the forum works.

    I don't understand why the forum is configured in such a way that anybody who starts a thread can get away and delete it. Considering that most of the posts in it are NOT from the thread starter.

    To make matters worse, this thread was a "sticky" meaning it had overgrown it's original purpose and become a major merb info section.

    Why allow a user to delete a thread like this? FFS, Allow them to delete their posts and that's it. Leave the thread alone.

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    So was it really missing or the did the OP just look in the wrong place and it never went anywhere?
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