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Thread: Punts Cana Dominican Republic do's and don't ?

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    Question Punts Cana Dominican Republic do's and don't ?

    Hey guys
    I am leaving tomorrow morning for Punta Cana first time and by myself... do you have any good advices do's and don't and what to expect concerning the girls of course

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    Punta Cana is not the greatest place for hobbying in D.R. and it also cost more for everything including the chicas. For example a beer in a club in Sosua, Cabarete or Boca Chica is around 3$, in Punta Cana it's 6$. Same thing for the chicas, elsewhere 35$, Punta Cana 100$.
    For sure the hotel and beaches there are top notch in comparaison of the other place mentionned. It is a nice place, family oriented.
    There are no village around filled with chicas waiting to be picked at the disco.
    There is a strip club call Jazzy's where you can have everything you want for 150$ in a booth (not cheap).
    My best advice to you is ask the taxi cab where you can find chica or rent a car and go to Sosua , Santo Domingo or Boca Chica.

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    Look behind you.
    There are lots of single women who travel there and you might not need to find a chica. When I go on a holiday looking for a SP is not near the top of my list and have met someone after a couple of nights at the bar.
    Asking a cabbie to take you to a SP may lead to either a good experience or perhaps a very bad one, personally I would not take the chance as it would be low on my list of priorities.

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    Thanks for your feedback guy's I really appreciate!
    Any other comments experience... And
    Merry Christmas to all of you (and the girls) of course!

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    Last time I was there, the beach was full of women of all ages. Many in groups of women only, which usually means they're looking to party.

    Enjoy the sun and sand, good luck and happy hunting.

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