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Thread: Word of caution about “hobbying” in Eastern Europe

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    Word of caution about “hobbying” in Eastern Europe

    It’s a well known destination for foreigners for many reasons…unbelievably hot girls, much lower prices than at home, the police is too corrupt to give you any trouble and with the collapsing local currencies in Ukraine and Russia it makes it more tempting and cheaper than ever...

    But…and there is always a but…things can get crazy and scary

    Believe it or not these guys got away pretty easy because this was just a publicity stunt by that organization.
    It can get much worse if you offend the wrong local guys, or god forbid, the mob.

    An American was stabbed to death in a club I know very well just last year for trying his luck with the wrong local girl. Nobody was punished because they couldn’t tell who exactly from her group of friends did it (which is bullshit).

    Remember it is a wild place and the police will not do anything so tread carefully if you still think it is worth the risk. In many cases the police will dig you an even bigger hole and fk you out of your money because you don’t know the language and how the system works.

    Always remember you are on their home turf, don’t argue, don’t draw attention, be polite, avoid getting drunk and ALWAYS have locals you trust show you around and let them introduce you to girls they know.. never explore the nightlife on your own.

    Same with SPs, be polite, pay up even if she tries a dirty move like changing the price, or if the services/looks are not what you expected..the guys behind these girls are not just pimps..they are hardcore criminals and you don’t want them to show up on your doorsteps, its not worth it no matter what the argument is.

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    I have been to Kiev Ukraine once. Like most trips of mine I was there for business. The girls were hotter then hell. They had a strip club on the 5th floor of the hotel I stayed at. The hotel also had a high stakes Casino that I thought was really shady. My boss and I each tried to gain entrance and they wouldn't let us in. Sex was everywhere. I think I have seen Utube video of woman protesting in the Ukraine against prostitution. There seems to be some sort of revolt against sex tourism? These zealots are going to cost the girls and their economy a lot of money. If a girl wants to sell her body that is her business. Why wouldn't the agency owners put a contract out on some of these zealots and put that on UTube.

    I think the safest hobby destinations are Germany and Montreal

    Patron - You can meet them at the FKKs in Germany too. The FKKs are like a tour of Eastern Europe. Every country is represented without the problems mentioned above.
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    Meet'em halfway. They don't stop being good-looking when they leave the homeland. Two of the hottest girls I have been with was a Ukranian at a New York brothel and a Russian/Turkish mix at a bordello in Barcelona. Both were college students from Ukraine or Russia studying abroad, and both were affordable - certainly by traditional U.S. standards.

    Virtually all of the good TER reviews for Paris are of Russians or Ukranians working for traveling escort agencies. While there are some good Athens reviews of locals, the best reviews are of the Russians. The Russian agencies are astute business people, in that they often operate in escort-unfriendly venues like Paris. Maybe they are not scared of the cops. Can't imagine why

    To stereotype nationalities, I don't think the Russians of Ukranians are as good of performers as Latinas or Hispanics, due to the legendary bluntness of the Russians/Ukranians, but some of the blondinskis are definitively gorgeous. The point I am making is that when there are economic problems in the homeland, more of the best escorts will travel to safer venues to study and they will become available at relatively reasonable prices in those safer areas such as Paris and throughout Europe.

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