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Thread: Are you more likely to book an SP that posts?

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    Are you more likely to book an SP that posts?

    Putting reviews aside, assume they are all awesome, are you more likely to book with a Lady that posts and responds to threads in this forum then ones that do not?

    I enjoy seeing SP's responses to the posts because it gives me a glimpse into their personalities and you get to see the SP's view on certain subjects that are really helpful . Now does it influence my decision, I think in a way yes, because I feel like I know them a bit better and on a marketing standpoint it's a good thing for them to post because IMHO it's like Brand recognition because you see their names popping up from time to time so you will remember them.

    That being said, even though sometimes it does somewhat sway my decision to go with one SP over the other I wouldn't exclusively book with the ones that Post, there are plenty that don't post which I would still love to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnybird View Post
    there are plenty that don't post which I would still love to see.
    You do have my answer right there mister.
    But damn that did save me also for seing a SP that i wanted to see in the past..OMG sooooo much a bad memories...OH que je suis content que cet ****** aille posté et qu'on a vue son coté fu*** et bipolaire loll...Alors j'aime bien ton thread et je dois admettre que voir les gentes dames posté leur opinion es apprécié,mais oui en résumé ça affecte ma décision si je désire la rencontré vis a vis ces post.Sinon bien je vais lire les post sur elle et je me fie aussi a mon feeling.VOILA..Désolé de mon post bilingue loll
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    for ladys wich post, i will read post and if they seem intresting and dont have atitudes or argue with hobyist over silly things, it does make me want to see them. i seen mitsouxxx for this reason and then repeatd with her. there are some ladys who post that i want to see but her work shcedule (weekdays 9-5pm) isnt the same as my hobyist shcedule (weekends) ex lilyforyou. i also only manly see ladys incall now so it would be a double chalenge.

    if a ladys blast hobyist for a polite soemwhat negative revu, i am less likely to see them; .ex: i did not get dfk/lfk from her (hobyist revu); well if you brush your teeth and didnt reek of odor, you might (ladys reply). i woud not see her.

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    Well I hope you did brush your teeth, if not she did have a valid point...

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    This is an easy answer for me. In 2002 I started reading one lady who was posting very frequently. After many exchanges we got together when I went to Montreal over almost the next 7 years. As long as a lady seems to be the type I like...NO PROBLEM. What counts is the person not whether she posts. If she shows negative qualities in her writing it does make choices easier, so...KEEP POSTING.



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    Often, girls who post on a forum are suspected of posting solely to make publicity for themselves. What do you think?

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    No, I prefer reviews from members.

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    I have seen Sp's that are posting and many who aren't ,it doesn't really affect my decision .
    The reviews their advertisement a trustworthy booker and my six sense helps me decide



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    Well, one lady posted and it sure made my choice easy not to book her.

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