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Thread: Bonne Fete Mike of Girls4u!

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    Bonne Fete Mike of Girls4u!

    Congratulations mon ami and many more! You have a huge heart and your friends know the kind gentle guy you really are. I know I am a few hours early posting this but at midnight we will all be celebrating your big day. See you soon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    PS Tonight is just the warm up!!!
    VIP-9 Fall 2016 but first XO-1 The Loft Party!

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    Happyyyyyy Birthday Mister Mike
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    Happy Birthday Mike

    Enjoy your day

    Its gonna be some party !!

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Happy Birthday, Mike!

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    bonne fête mon mickey boy
    merci pour tout et passe une incroyable iournée

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    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Vanessa & Mike
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    Joyeux anniversaire, Mike......on va tous feter ca en grand!
    "Never Trump"

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    Happy Bday Mike! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night!

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    Joyeux anniversaire Mike!

    Profites-en c'est ta journée!

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    Happy birthday to the greatest boss in the world and one of the best guy I know. I love you Mike xooo

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    Happy birthday, Mike!

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    Happy Birthday to a real Good Guy.
    Many more mon ami.

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    All the best to the man that brings us so much joy... always happy to shake your hand!
    Have a blast

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    Happy birthday Mike: all the best!

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    Bonne fête Mike! On va fêter ça en grande!

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