Hi everyone, Hope you are all well.

This may seem like an oddball query but I'm back in town and hankering for a bit of fun.

Somehow I've always had an attraction for a certain lip shape, and while I've had many many mutually nice experiences as far as looks not being as important, I'm just wondering if anyone can point in the direction of an SP that has a particular lip shape.

To describe it, I guess you can say it's where the outer corners of the lips curl up a bit naturally. My wife (who knows my obsessions) calls them "clown lips" or "joker lips" lol - Really it's not an extreme thing, but every so often I see women in the street with variants of this lip shape and I have an immediate indescribable attraction.

Here's a slightly exaggerated visual example, just a screenshot - http://grab.by/FUTu - Or another variant of this is Chloe Moretz, lips shape too. Very curvy with upturned corners.. http://grab.by/FUVc

Anyway, any help or pointers will be much appreciated, Apologies in advance if I'm infringing on any posting rules, or in the wrong section. Please reply or PM if you can shed some light?

Merci beaucoup.