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Thread: Providers putting condoms on inside out?

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    Providers putting condoms on inside out?

    Looking back on an encounter a couple of days ago I'm almost positive my provider put the condom on inside out. Then I realized there are probably only a few reasons why that happened.

    1) It was lubricated and she did not want to taste the lubricant because she was giving a CBJ.
    2) She was really tired and not paying attention at all.
    3) She is new and didn't really know the right way to put it on.

    In any case, it had to be inside out because I could not roll it down normally despite several attempts. Then I got to thinking this has probably happened occasionally before but I never thought about it because I always assumed it was put on correctly.

    So, gentleman, the moral of the story is: if it's not rolled all the way down, start over the right way with a new one!

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    Look behind you.
    Is it even possible to put a condom on inside out? I mean with any ease at all.
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    No,it is possible but difficult. it is noticeable even tired...

    Another reason would be ,like it happens a few time with some gentleman I've met that once you are ,hum,hard,changing the condom (either the side of the faulty one or get a new one ),would be enough for the member in question to lose it, so if she doesn't want to chance that it is possible she decided to continue with the upside one...

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    Hello all,

    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    Is it even possible to put a condom on inside out?
    A mistake at the beginning trying to see which way to put it on can happen easily. It happened a few times to me with the lights low. However, rolling it down in reverse doesn't work. You'd have to put fingers inside to bring it down, which is tough to finish, and that alone should be an obvious warning you are doing it wrong.

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    But someone who puts it on wrong frequently to avoid the lubricant during a CBJ can get better at doing it wrong! Things like that happen. So based on what everyone is saying I think she started doing that for reason 1. Anyway, I'm definitely going to be watching what's going on more closely in the future.

    As a result of this I found some edible lubricants that are safe with latex... be careful though because there aren't many that are safe with latex. That way the CBJ will be better for the girl and you can use condoms that aren't packaged with any lube.

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    I haven't had this happen in a long time. But I do remember a couple instance where she did put it on wrong and flipped it back inside out the right way. I did not think of it much when it happened but now I realize that was a risky move on her part. Another occasion the girl realized it was inside out and just pulled out a new condom, but I can see some girls are cheap and not wanting to use another condom.

    One issue I hate is when the girl stretches out the base of the condom and puts it on like it was a glove on your penis instead of puting it on the tip of the penis and rolling it down. That's why I end up doing it myself.
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