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Thread: How to become a SM(supporting member) status

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    How to become a SM(supporting member) status

    Hey guys im an escort who is trying to advertise on this website. I created an account but whenever you want to advertise on this website you have to become an SM(supporting member)status as is written on their FAQ. They write "If you want SM status You can go to the → Advertising Page" I click on the advertising page and it just goes to another page saying 404 not found. I emailed the support 3 days ago and still got no reply . There is another link that you click on called advertisers poilcy: I click on it and it takes me to another page saying this domain is under construction. It seems the link is broken. I tried everything i could but got no where so created a new thread to ask the forum members if anyone of you know how to advertise here.

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    send pm to fred zed and he will let u no.

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