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Thread: Anything interesting in HOMA

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    Anything interesting in HOMA

    By M. Maisonneuve just spoke with a low key SW who cited $40/$80 would give me a deal though. Has place right there. I went there once before for a massage and was deceived by a tranny with an ad. Walked out. Not the first time I've had a bad experience in the area, where I live, BTW. In the past, I've met some quite good private massage (that's: two). But it's hard to find. Any clues? Pm for details on above, which I declined once she showed me the notorious address. While she dressed only slightly better than what we see nearby on St. Cath, she was young (late 20, early 30), cute, large breasts, slim body, seemingly sober. Considering a try some other day if she's still around. Meanwhile, besides the obvious massage places on St Cath, is there anything interesting in HOMA now?

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    in one word: no

    i too spend a lot of time in homa, and you are looking for quality incall, forget it. the closest things are at the chablis on sherbrooke, the girls near the jacques cartier bridge (look up 438-994-1867) or plaisirs rebels on sherbrooke, also near the jacques cartier bridge. Electra is aroung there, but she is rarely available

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