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Thread: All I have in this world are my balls & my word (South-Shore Incall fiasco debate)

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    All I have in this world are my balls & my word (South-Shore Incall fiasco debate)

    Actually, I shouldn`t say fiasco. Some members on this board are the ones that have created the fiasco. All I did (and always will do) is tell it like it is, EXACTLY how it went down. If some of you merbites fail to feel me, then it is NO DOUBT your loss!...and possibly your risk. I know some of you know deep in your hearts that i`m telling the truth. I have absolutely nothing to gain from lying. Plus, I don`t have that much time on my hands to be making shit up ...

    This board is about reporting, and I am a field-soldier, and always will be. Those who know me well, know 150% that I do not BS. But if some of you guys (and girls) are so adament that I`ve made shit up and spread rumours just to tarnish an SP`s name, then I will never bother posting here again and will stop wasting my time for Merbites that are ungreatful of my reporting.

    In the past, I`ve reported on GREAT experiences as well as bad ones...Y`all know that I do not leave a single detail out..and that I am not biased. I call it down the line....


    Now, as some of you know, last year, a certain south-shore incall SP (who was absolutely stunning & a dream come true for any john) gave me an STD,... ACCORDING TO MY DOCTOR, WHO IS A LEADING CANADIAN CHIEF-MICROBIOLOGIST EXPERT.


    I hadn`t been with ANYONE for a long-time prior to seeing that one SP. I got my symptoms within 48 hrs or so after the event, and the symptoms got horribly worse within the same week. As some of you know, I suffered a great deal and had to undergo many uncomfortable and painful tests. It was CONFIRMED to me to be a sexually transmitted disease by my CHIEF-EXPERT. It eventually got completely drained out of my system (thank goodness) with proper medication and time. I presently do not have any std`s. I`m clean. That was the only time that I ever had an illness like that..

    At the time, I didn`t even think twice about sharing my story IMMEDIATELY with Merbites and to this day, I have had no regrets, except for now. It seems that certain Merbites feel that I conjured up this story to hurt an SP`s reputation. Why would I do such a thing? Even the MODS who knew my story from first-hand reporting (& my detailed timeline of events) decided to leave my posts as is, as they too believed me.

    Now why the hell would I make up a lie period,...let alone with respect to a stunning SP at my favourite incall joint? I had even written a long, detailed POSITIVE review of my encounter right after the event (but just before my symptoms arose). I even recall having specifically-written (at the end of my review) that my Johnson was in pain from all the action!!! (man-o-man did that comment come back to haunt me, as that pain got way more sharper and intense).

    By coming out and sharing this with you guys, my intentions were purely to let it be known that there MAY be a problem, so please wait for my test results. And sure enough, there was a problem...........The incall place where this occurred was and still is my #1 incall service. The proof is there: i`ve had MANY MANY amazing experiences there (probably over 30 times in 4 years), including a wonderful 2-on-1 (June and Lisa) and including that very same service in question that had apparently made me sick within a few days later. I`ve never had a problem with any SP at this place. The only time I had a problem was when I had to wait 45 minutes to see the SP who eventually made me sick on that same night .....ACCORDING TO MY DOCTOR...(how many times do i have to say this).

    Oh yeah, and the other night, I had a problem with an SP (see incall section), but that got solved.

    Which brings me to my next point. A fellow merbite asked: why would I see an SP who in the past gave me an STD? be honest, I always loved seeing that particular SP, and still fantasized about being with her. Granted, there was a period of about 5 months after my illness where I didn`t even want to think about that person only because it reminded me (sort of in a Pavlovian way) of my suffering... But with time, those feelings waned, as of course I got completely healed, and my hormones began getting the best of me (I`m sure u guys can relate to that, can`t you!!) Of course, I also kept a close eye on her developments from right here on MERB, and noticed that merbites were seeing her all kinds (LOL), and that she was always booked solid everytime I called. Actually, I definitely noticed that she got booked way more after my story broke. Coincidence????

    Hence, my moto was ``if after 16 months she`s still seeing merbites like no tomorrow (with no ill reports besides the fact that she seemed tired), then she is no doubt fine right now for sure``.

    Please note that I`m well aware that certain STD`s can remain with a person forever (ie: hep C, herpes), while others disappear with time and proper medication (ie: gono..). Obviously, I caught one that was curable and I got cured (luckily), which also means that the transmitter (ie: the SP) is NO DOUBT cured as well. Once again, i hadn`t had sex with anyone else (SP or non-SP) for a long period prior to this event. So how would you react if you were in my shoes?

    So, to answer the question, I think that that particular SP is amazingly hot, and that I still desire(d) her. I also know that she is not sick, as tons of dudes are seeing her. Granted, it took me about 10 months to finally convince myself to see her.......the woman who gave me so much suffering. But for now, my hormones got the best of me I guess...It made perfect sense to me.

    That just proves how desirable this woman is, and is a testament to my weakness of wanting to see her again (Granted, I did battle my inner demons that said to stay away). Granted, I already knew that I would not let her finger my ass like she did way back when (highly risky...........but I failed to recognize the risk as she was just blowing me away at the time, and thought it was harmless!!! LOL).

    This brings me to my next point, as to why it seems i was the only merbite to be sick (actually, one other lurker/merbite PM`d me about the same symptoms and had to see a doc as well....): we all know that this SP in particular always uses protection like most SP`s. It is VERY VERY possible that alot of you saw her way back when (august/september 2004), and actually did not catch anything just because you were protected. Remember, I did a very stupid move by letting her jamm my ass during (Maybe she did not do that to you other merbites), after her finger had been in her own hole, hence transmitting her fluids directly to me. Makes sense?

    So, please, to re-iterate:

    -I don`t have any problems (and never did) with that specific incall place (the proof is in the pudding.....i`ve gone back many times since that event and have posted TONS of positive reviews)
    -I certainly don`t have an issue with that SP, and would love to see her again

    Now of course, with my sheer luck, I go back and as I`m about to see her (booked her about 4 hours before the rendez-vous), the receptionist says it`s impossible to see her, because something very serious just happened with another client, and she is crying and is in a state-of-panic. The receptionist then proceeded to tell me the story which I outlined CLEARLY in the incall section. I even offered to speak to and consult that particular SP that I was supposed to see (in the receptionist`s/owner`s room), as I work in the medical field and could offer my expertise to her to help calm her down. The receptionist thought about it and said no, but thanked me sincerely for offering...She said that the SP was going home cuz she was freaking out.

    Now another merbite claims that he has the real story and that I got it all twisted, and that I am full of it. Apparently, according to this Merbite, the idiot client before me did NOT penetrate without condom, he only WANTED to do so. Now you tell me, which one of these 2 scenarios would make an SP ``cry, panick, and want to leave work, & go home`` as the receptionist told me........ and leave a client (ie:me) out to dry?????

    Obviously, my rendition of what happened would fit perfectly with this scenario.

    And how ironic is it that I had to be that client that was next in line. So here I was again, 16 months later, in a dilemna: should I report this to Merbites or simply not give two fucks and look out for my own interests. Once again, you Merbites came first (my family!!...). But once again, the non-believers come running out claiming that i`m spreading rumours.................and say that I`m at fault..........for being honest, sincere, and genuine!

    I know it smells like a fish, but believe me when I say that it isn`t a fish. Why would I be spending so much time writing this damn novel to prove it...

    I truly hope that the SP that I have been making reference to is not ill at all after that stupid client pulled that move (or if he ever did indeed pull that move in the 1st place!?!?!??!).
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