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Thread: Do providers know about the Telegram app?

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    Do providers know about the Telegram app?

    Hi, I was just wondering if the providers and agencies here know about the messaging app called Telegram. I came across it recently after the Paris attacks when it was being talked about a lot on the news for its encryption and popularity in some circles. From what I understand it's pretty much like WhatsApp but messages are fully encrypted and can be set to self-destruct. I think you could also avoid displaying your number if both parties have a username. There are mobile apps and a web app. Plus Telegram is open source and the code is available online to everyone. So it's open to scrutiny by independent security experts.

    I'm not affiliated with Telegram in any way but I 'd recommend looking into it.


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    I've not heard of Telegram, but I do use an app called Wickr to chat with some of my existing clients. Same idea, it's encrypted and you choose how long you want your messages to appear before they are deleted permanently.

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