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Thread: Are there any good tea shops in montreal?

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    Are there any good tea shops in montreal?

    One of my friend is in town for a while and likes good tea. Is there a place where I can take him where they serve a variety of premium tea?

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    On north side of de la Gauchitiere at the corner of its intersection with St. Urbain, basement level, there is a great tea shop. He has an extraordinary selection of black teas, the best of which is his lychee tea.

    This guy knows his freaking tea. The man is a guru!
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    Tea shoppes?

    Oh yeah!there's nothing the Slut enjoys more than quaffing a good Darjeehling while watching Dr, Phil.
    On a more serious note,there is a shoppe that specialises in teas at the corner of 2nd and Wellington in Verdun.The WOMEN that frequent the place assure me that it is the best tea house in MTL.

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    There is also quite a good tea shop at 4612 Monkland in NDG

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