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Thread: Touring in europe

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    Touring in europe

    Shoutouts to all you girls who have toured in Europe (especially spain, germany or italy), can any of you tell me how it works? Has any guy booked a girl in those countries and if so how did you find the girls?

    This might sound weird to you but I'd love to practice my German, Italian and Spanish therefore.... TOURING :)

    Let me know in this thread or by PM

    thanks so much xox


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    Take this with a grain of salt, since it come from the perspective of an English-only speaker searching Europe-oriented websites that are either in English or have an automatic translation function. So locals may not go to these sites first. Obviously, I am discussing a John finding European escorts.

    Spain: girlsbcn and forosx (both are primarily Barcelona but also cover Madrid). Slumi is the huge advertising site for Madrid but it is Spanish-language oriented.

    Europe in general: cityoflove, massagerepublic and punterlink, all of which are geared toward the upper-end English speaking escorts. I don't think the quality of girls on massage republic is necessarily better, but they are the kings of getting to the top of Google search results.

    Don't forget backpage. A lot of travelers go to that site to find English speaking girls and it is not as ghetto in Europe as it is in the States.

    I am not sure how much it costs to register as a sponsor on to announce a tour. The same principle would apply on TER, but it does not get the readership internationally that ISG does.

    If you can write in Spanish, the local punters hang out on sexomercadobcn for Barcelona and spalumi in Madrid. But the fucking Spalumi site has a million pop-up and search redirect ads, so I am hesitant to recommend that anyone go there. I know that sexomercadobcn allows providers to establish a thread and I imagine that Spalumi does the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosedelacourt View Post
    Shoutouts to all you girls who have toured in Europe (especially spain, germany or italy), can any of you tell me how it works? Has any guy booked a girl in those countries and if so how did you find the girls?
    This might sound weird to you but I'd love to practice my German, Italian and Spanish therefore.... TOURING
    Prostitution works differently in every European country. There are different laws, traditions, institutions, practices and mixes of clients and working girls in each country. I would advise you to first carefully study how prostitution works in any country where you might think about working.

    Don't assume that escorting is the default business model for paid sex in any given country in Europe. You are used to that business model in Canada and the U.S. where it is now the most common way of doing business, but it's not necessarily the way the sex business works in European countries.

    For example, in Germany prostitution is legal but escorting is not the most common way to do business. Escorts exist and it's not hard to find them but as a client in Germany I would never bother looking for an escort. Based on my experience, most clients flock to the FKKs/saunaclubs, which I would characterize as "mega-brothels." The biggest ones have very large indoor facilities (like large mansions) which usually include one or more bars, some kind of basic dining facility, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a small porn theater, multiple lounge areas and many bedrooms. In addition the biggest clubs in rural areas have extensive outdoor areas that are open during the warmer months,

    The quality and quantity of girls in the best clubs is truly impressive. At a club like Oase outside of Frankfurt, there are usually 25-50+ girls working at night. There are usually 50-100+ clients. The clients pay an admission fee of about 60 Euros (girls also pay this daily fee) and the standard rate of compensation for the girls is 50 Euros (about $80 CDN) per half hour of sex which usually includes BBBJ and FS. Girls can demand more money for various extras. Clients might spend anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours or even more with a girl. The range of clients is, well, any kind of man you can imagine. The clients of modest means do 1/2 hour quickies and the rich guys take a girl (or girls) for hours.

    When I first visited FKKs in 2007, it was not unusual to meet German girls in the clubs. However, there were also many girls from countries in Eastern Europe, such as Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland etc. Now the East European girls dominate the scene even in the nicest clubs, probably because they are more willing to work for the relatively low rate of 50 Euros/half hour.

    In addition to the many FKKs (and some interesting variations of the FKK) there are many private brothels in Germany. These operate legally and discreetly but pretty openly like the FKKs. Though I have never visited a German brothel (just lots of FKKs), I know that their prices are higher and you are probably more likely to meet German girls in the brothels (along with the East Europeans and others). The target market for brothels is probably clients who value discretion and privacy more than the over-the-top public experience of an FKK.

    I don't know what percentage of the sex market in Germany is accounted for by escorting but my impression is that it is pretty small. Frankly, given the many legal incall options available, I find it hard to understand why any client would hire an escort in Germany. Maybe some clients just don't want to leave their hotel rooms.

    Anyway that's a very short general description of the sex business in Germany. If you asked me where you might fit in to that business, I guess I would say that you would best fit in the escort segment. You might not want to work in an FKK and you might not be allowed to work in an FKK because you are not a citizen of a European Union country (the East European girls are EU citizens). However, as I noted, escorting is a small part of the market. I don't know how you would go about advertising and finding clients in such a small segment of the market. I think it would be especially challenging if you were just passing through a place for a week or so.

    Though I have visited Spain and Italy, I have never had a paid encounter in those countries. I do know that the law is not very tolerant of prostitution in Italy. In Spain prostitution is legal and/or tolerated and brothels and escort agencies do exist. However it's not as open as Germany. France used to tolerate prostitution a lot, but it has become very intolerant in the last few years. Most French clients seek satisfaction in the FKKs of next-door Germany.

    In sum, I think it's possible for you to work in Europe but I would advise you to do a lot of research and planning before you embark on an adventure. There are some threads in MERB that might be helpful. The International-Sex-Guide-dot-Info is a goldmine of valuable information. I would study it carefully before you decide to go to Europe and work there as an escort.

    One other great source of information on Europe is the French forum called youppie dot net.
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    Captain's analysis is very accurate.

    Russian outcall agencies are very smart. They are relatively expensive by European standards and they operate primarily where higher prices can be earned because the local supply is not that strong - Paris, the big cities in Italy, Athens, Brussels, etc. So logically a touring lady would make more in Italy than in Spain or Germany, where the supply is truly massive.

    My understanding is that prostitution is legal in Italy, but everything associated with it is not. Just like France. What of course none of us knows is how the supply is discouraged in spite of it being legal. Presumably there is a hidden, discreet market just like there is in the United States. And the potential customers in Italy of probably more likely to hire an outcall escort than customers in countries where low-priced brothels are prevelant and there is a massive supply of sex workers.

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    I travel at least 4-5 times in Europe per year. Captain's post is accurate indeed.

    The country which have legalized prostitution are where you find the lowest price for Escort. You can get a full hour service with amazing escort in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain to name a few for around 100 to 120 Euro/hour. And yes I am talking about Montreal quality escort. If you know your way around in Amsterdam, you can get full service at 50Euro, ya 50!! Most of these countries are now flooded with South-Americans and East-European girls. The Brothels I have visited in Spain were very nice and clean. The website I used for booking were absolutely amazing. Online chat booking, easy email booking and best of all, calandar of girls published 2 weeks in advance!. While visiting these websites I did found many of them concentrating on high end internationnal escort, with high end prices just like here. This is probably what you should target because you would have that "exotique" side that healthy client wants. And believe me there must be many of them.


    p.s. (2) Italy? Probably the best country to visit (and surely the best to eat) in the world, but I would not dare hire an escort there. I have no clue why but I just dont trust the law there at all.
    p.s. (1) I would recommand barcelona because if the work end up being not that good, heck you are still in Barcelona
    p.s. Never tought about visiting Japan? I got to know a girl like you a few years ago that was very very popular and made a incroyable amount of money in Japan... Mostly because she was canadian

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    Thanks everyone for these infos. They are very very helpful

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    I toured Europe for 2 years and I found it was best to work with agencies cause they could help with the booking in the different languages and they knew the city etc. Then you practice with your clients

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty Karmella View Post
    I toured Europe for 2 years and I found it was best to work with agencies cause they could help with the booking in the different languages and they knew the city etc. Then you practice with your clients
    Yes that's what I was thinking about too! do you have any references to give me? Like good agencies?

    Thanks xox


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