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Thread: Did I just get burned?

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    Did I just get burned?

    Ok, so perhaps I'm a newbie. In the event that I'm wrong, I'm not going to name the girl or the agency publicly, but feel free to PM me. So first, she's 20 minutes late. Ok, things happen. Then, I start to question if she's the one in the picture. While her body was nice, I didn't necessarily see the rock hard ass and thigh gap that I did in the photos. Session was lackluster, with everything covered and no fingering allowed. But here's the kicker: She says the pricey hour fee only covers one round, and each additional round is $50. I didn't think agencies worked like that. I have read that some independents do. But my understanding was that she was mine for the hour, with as many shots as I could fit in. So am I mistaken, or did I just get burned?

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    You kind of have to ask a bunch of questions at the beginning of the session with the girl, or through the agency before booking.
    If the girl isn't the same girl as in the pics, thats called bait & switch, i actually think theres a rule on merb against advertisers being bait & switch...
    And if the agency isn't a merb advertiser, than you learned one of the most important lessons of hobbying..try to always use a merb advertiser, it will increase your chances of getting what you pay for.
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    No, they didn't

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    Thanks for the advice

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    You could make a review and add the contact info, maybe help somebody else avoid making the same mistake with the agency you used?
    You can also learn and post about bait & switch indys and agencys here:
    And finally..when you see a nice pic on a website, before the picture and upload it here: (or on a similar reverse image lookup site) and if you find the same picture on a russian model agencys webpage, chances are its fake.
    Best of luck, we all get burned at least once
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    I pretty much stopped reading right there because like you said, you are a newbie and 20 minutes is a reasonable, almost acceptable time for lateness for outcall. Some guys are very picky about this issue but if the lady is within an hour of the scheduled time, i am fine with that. Good ole Montreal traffic can be rough at times and having driven in it for years i can give the agency's and indy's a break on lateness, up to an hour unless they call or text with reasonable updates if they were to be delayed any longer.

    As far as the rest it seems you likely got burnt somewhat but it is what it is sometimes, nothing is perfect. Example, i saw someone from a agency that used to be a advertiser here on the board last week and since they had not been a member in sometime, they scammed me out of $20. Their rates used to be $200 and $220 VIP and the young lady i saw should of been $200 but when i asked how come i was quoted $220 for non VIP when it was always $200 the booker told me that VIP was now $240 and non VIP was now $220. Ok no problem, rates increase time to time EXCEPT i noticed that agency decided to start advertising here again the following day and rates were the same as they used to be, $200 non vip and $220 VIP, it is not the money it is the principle of things. A pm later went unanswered so it is what it is. Nobody likes to get "burnt" but it can happen to all of us from time to time. The girl was nice, service was great so no since crying, it is only money.
    Quote Originally Posted by GatorMonger View Post
    So first, she's 20 minutes late.

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    We all get burnt once in awhile no matter how seasoned a veteran you are.

    In GatorMonger case, it's all part of the learning process.
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    20 minutes is not a big deal as far as lateness. As long as you got your full hour, it's fine.

    For the MSOG question, if you booked an hour, typically it should be at least 2 SOGs. But most SPs are pretty understanding of a "quick beginning shot", and are fine with three if the time allows for it. If you only got one, and there was plenty of time left, I'd say you got burnt.

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    I don't think you got burned, you just didn't ask the right questions or read enough reviews

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    You learned a lesson, and you did not pay a high price to learn it. Next time know what the deal is. Call the agency and check to see if what you were told is right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chowzilla View Post
    I don't think you got burned, you just didn't ask the right questions or read enough reviews
    It's exactly this- he has to go through the learning curve and determine what questions to ask and what information he needs to collect from reviews and elsewhere. It's not really any different than a Major League Baseball rookie who struggles to hit at first, isn't used to seeing those 12-6 curveballs, isn't patient and is striking out once every 3 at bats. He wants to be a player, but he isn't ready.

    You can't fast forward through the dues paying process in baseball, or in this game either. Give it time and learn from the mistakes. You can't have it all at once. And there is no substitute for experience in this game, just as in baseball. Even Willie Mays got off to a very shitty start in the major leagues. 0 for his first 12 and then homered off Warren Spahn and after that, he rolled.

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    When you see a few ladies, you will know which ones are the best value.

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    you should be going into every meeting knowing what to expect service wise. Leave their style to imagination.

    this is good practice as it will avoid disappointment, regardless if you are booking a gem or a debutante

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